Julius Caesar Act IV


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Brutus, Mark Antony, Cassius and Octavius: Pair up the generals of each army
Brutus & Cassius, Mark Antony & Octavious
Where is Brutus army located?
Where is Antony's army located?
Which army has the better strategic location? Why?
Brutus because they are surrounded by friendly territory
Why is Brutus angry with Cassius?
1) Brutus wouldn't lend Cassius any money
2) Cassius is a crook
3) Brutus' wife killed herself
What does Brutus want from Cassius?
Money to pay his legions
Who does Cassius blame for his ill-temper?
His mother
Why has Brutus become distracted?
By his wifes' death
What news has Brutus received via letter?
1) Octacious has joined up an army and they are on their way
2) 70-100 senators have been killed
Which leader has been put to death? Why?
Cicero, because It doesn't give any reason
Where do Brutus and Cassius argue? Why?
In Brutus' tent
Who appears to Brutus?
The Ghost of Caesar
What is an omen?
A sign
What does the thing that appears say?
Tells Brutus that he will see him at Philippi
Where does CASSIUS think the battle should be? Why?
To have it in Sardius because they have a long way from Sardius
Where does BRUTUS think the battle should be? Why?
Where is the battle going to be?
Whose wife id dead?
Brutus' wife Portia
How did she die?
Killed herself by swallowing a hot coal
What reasons were there for Portias' death
1) Brutus is away
2) Mark Antony & Octavious has planned an army to defeat Brutus
What is a Groundling?
One who paid a penny to stand and wathc a play
What does the term "Elizabethan" refer to?
The time of Queen Elizabeth
What is a Praetor?
Second guy in the senate
What is a tribune?
Magistrate who protects the rights of the lower class
What is a Cohort?
An army divison
What is a Tributarie?
Captives who have an option to pay for freedom