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Coastal Plain

◦ Located along the Atlantic Ocean and Gulf of Mexico
◦ Broad lowland providing many excellent harbors

Appalachian Highlands

◦ Located west of the Coastal Plain, extending from eastern Canada to western Alabama; includes the Piedmont
◦ Old, eroded mountains (oldest mountain range in North America)

Canadian Shield

◦ Wrapped around Hudson Bay in a horseshoe shape
◦ Hills worn by erosion and hundreds of lakes carved by glaciers

Interior Lowlands

◦ Located west of the Appalachian Mountains and east of the Great Plains
◦ Rolling flatlands with many rivers, broad river valleys, and grassy hills

Great Plains

◦ Located west of Interior Lowlands and east of the Rocky Mountains
◦ Flat lands that gradually increase in elevation westward; grasslands

Rocky Mountains

◦ Located west of the Great Plains and east of the Basin and Range
◦ Rugged mountains stretching from Alaska almost to Mexico; high elevations
◦ Contains the Continental Divide, which determines the directional flow of rivers

Basin and Range

◦ Located west of the Rocky Mountains and east of the Sierra Nevadas and the Cascades
◦ Varying elevations containing isolated mountain ranges and Death Valley, the lowest point in North America

Coastal Range

◦ Located along the Pacific Coast, stretching from California to Canada
◦ Rugged mountains and fertile valleys

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