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  1. 6th amendment
  2. right to confrontation
  3. disclosure
  4. right to counsel
  5. 4th amendment
  1. a protection against unreasonable search and seizure
  2. b have an attorney represent you
  3. c right to notice of charges, right to confrontation, right to speedy trial by jury, right to counsel
  4. d right to have witnesses testify in front of you
  5. e process of gathering info prior to trial in criminal case

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  1. right to remain silent and protection against double jeopardy
  2. evidence illegally obtained by police is inadmissible in a criminal trial
  3. punishable by death
  4. unlawful act
  5. using legit business to disguise source of illegal profits

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  1. misdemeanorpunishable by up to one year in jail


  2. robberypermanently steal


  3. burglarysteal with force or threat of force


  4. indictmenta criminal charge filed by a grand jury


  5. larcenypermanently steal