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  1. capital offenses
  2. 6th amendment
  3. misdemeanor
  4. actus reus
  5. right to counsel
  1. a have an attorney represent you
  2. b punishable by death
  3. c right to notice of charges, right to confrontation, right to speedy trial by jury, right to counsel
  4. d unlawful act
  5. e punishable by up to one year in jail

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  1. evidence illegally obtained by police is inadmissible in a criminal trial
  2. a criminal charge filed by a grand jury
  3. agreement by defendant to plead guilty in exchange for lesser charge or fixed punishment
  4. formal reading of charges
  5. right to have witnesses testify in front of you

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  1. robberypermanently steal


  2. mens reaunlawful act


  3. 5th amendmentprotection against unreasonable search and seizure


  4. miranda rightspunishable by fines


  5. larcenypermanently steal


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