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  1. misdemeanor
  2. robbery
  3. arraignment
  4. 6th amendment
  5. disclosure
  1. a right to notice of charges, right to confrontation, right to speedy trial by jury, right to counsel
  2. b process of gathering info prior to trial in criminal case
  3. c formal reading of charges
  4. d steal with force or threat of force
  5. e punishable by up to one year in jail

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  1. suspect must be informed of his constitutional rights before he can validly wave them
  2. threat of immediate danger
  3. protection against unreasonable search and seizure
  4. permanently steal
  5. punishable by up to life in prison

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  1. exclusionary ruleevidence illegally obtained by police is inadmissible in a criminal trial


  2. actus reusunlawful act


  3. capital offensespunishable by up to life in prison


  4. right to counselhave an attorney represent you


  5. right to confrontationhave an attorney represent you