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  1. How do you prepare a tincture?
  2. What happens when dry frying with wine?
  3. If damp predominates it's called?
  4. What causes Bi syndrome?
  5. Wei Ling Xian (Rx. Clematidis)?
  1. a put herbs into a glass container, slowly cover herbs with solvent entirely, add an inch or 2 more solvent, seal jar tightly and store in dark place, shake jar daily, when ready pour thru cheesecloth into dark tincutre bottle, squeeze herbs till last drop store with label and lid.
  2. b wind, cold, and damp that stagnate in the channels and causes arthralgia (joint pain).
  3. c helps herb alleviate pain, clear blockage from channels and collaterals, and dispel wind.
  4. d Damp Bi (pain is heavy, fixed and swelling of joint)
  5. e antirheumatic herb and powerful pain reliever

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  1. on an empty stomach or 1 hour before a meal
  2. increases herbs tonifying and moistening effect
  3. 1. superficial muscle layer
    2. channel layer
    3. tendon and bone layer
  4. 3 grams
  5. Nature: pungent and hot
    Functions: warms the spleen and kidney yang; warms the channels and dispels cold. (powerful pain reliever & tx for chronic diarrhea)

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  1. What are the function and contraindications of antirheumatic herbs?function: dispel wind, cold, damp from channels.
    they can deplete yin and blood, so careful when deficient


  2. How are tonic formulas prepared?cooked for 30-60 minutes before adding other herbs in formula.


  3. What is the nature of antirheumatic herbs and how are they taken?nature: pungent and warm
    taken as a tonic (alcohol inproves circulation of qi and blood)


  4. Aromatic dampness resolving herbs are cooked for how long?10-15 minutes


  5. When wind, cold and damp stagnate in the channels over time and turns into heat it's called?Nature: pungent and warm
    Channel: Spleen and kidney