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  1. What are pills used for?
  2. Some believe that its very beneficial to take the decoction when?
  3. Interior warming herbs do what?
  4. How is the ratio of herb to solvent determined?
  5. For most dry plant matter what is the best proof of alcohol to use?
  1. a before going to sleep
  2. b 80 proof (like vodka or rum)
  3. c warm the interior and dispel cold
  4. d chronic issues (they are mild and slow in action)
  5. e weight; and is 1 part herb to 5 parts alcohol (the herb still needs to be covered by solvent so add till it is)

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  1. 3 grams
  2. excess cold that invades the middle jiao disrupting T&T in stomach and spleen.
  3. yes
  4. storage; to increase spleen awakening and stomach strengthening of herb
  5. dissolve 3lbs of brown sugar in a pint of boiling water and boil to thick. (there're 2 other ways too)

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  1. Cold Bi:can involve any of lg joints; may come with fever and chills in early stage; diaphortics are tx for wind bi.


  2. What is considered the strongest method of delivering herbs?salt, honey, vinegar, wine, ginger


  3. What are cinnamon sticks good for?cooked for 30-60 minutes before adding other herbs in formula.


  4. Damp Bi:numbness and fixed pain in joint with swelling and difficulty stretching; tx involves transforming damp and strengthening spleen


  5. How do you prepare a decoction?put herbs into a glass container, slowly cover herbs with solvent entirely, add an inch or 2 more solvent, seal jar tightly and store in dark place, shake jar daily, when ready pour thru cheesecloth into dark tincutre bottle, squeeze herbs till last drop store with label and lid.


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