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  1. Interior warming herbs do what?
  2. How do you prepare a tincture?
  3. Diaphoretics are cooked for how long?
  4. What happens when dry frying with vinegar?
  5. What are pills used for?
  1. a put herbs into a glass container, slowly cover herbs with solvent entirely, add an inch or 2 more solvent, seal jar tightly and store in dark place, shake jar daily, when ready pour thru cheesecloth into dark tincutre bottle, squeeze herbs till last drop store with label and lid.
  2. b warm the interior and dispel cold
  3. c 10-15 minutes
  4. d chronic issues (they are mild and slow in action)
  5. e enhances herbs astringing and blood activating properties

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  1. one hour after a meal
  2. 1. excess cold that invades the middle jiao disrupting the T&T function of spleen and stomach.
    2. deficiency cold caused by yang deficiency.
  3. interior warming herb (always comes prepared never prepared by self, highly toxic)
  4. about 1 spoonful, add water and drink.
  5. water, oil, glycerin, vinegar or alcohol.

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  1. What type of solvent is used most often?Alcohol


  2. What happens when dry frying with wine?helps herb alleviate pain, clear blockage from channels and collaterals, and dispel wind.


  3. 1 Qian is equal to?3 grams


  4. What are the different methods of dry frying herbs?salt, honey, vinegar, wine, ginger


  5. Often chinese herbs are dry fried for?chronic issues (they are mild and slow in action)