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  1. How are tonic formulas prepared?
  2. How is the ratio of herb to solvent determined?
  3. What are some problems with raw herbs?
  4. Aromatic dampness resolving herbs are cooked for how long?
  5. What causes Bi syndrome?
  1. a No longer than 10 min
  2. b cooked over a low to medium flame for whole time.
  3. c weight; and is 1 part herb to 5 parts alcohol (the herb still needs to be covered by solvent so add till it is)
  4. d inconsistent due to where grown, cooking times can vary, can irritate patient stomach, storing can bring bugs and take space
  5. e wind, cold, and damp that stagnate in the channels and causes arthralgia (joint pain).

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  1. warm the interior and dispel cold
  2. kidney fire
  3. increases herbs tonifying and moistening effect
  4. salt, honey, vinegar, wine, ginger
  5. storage; to increase spleen awakening and stomach strengthening of herb

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  1. What are pills used for?chronic issues (they are mild and slow in action)


  2. Cold Bi:can involve any of lg joints; may come with fever and chills in early stage; diaphortics are tx for wind bi.


  3. What are cinnamon sticks good for?chronic issues (they are mild and slow in action)


  4. Antirheumatic herbs work on 3 levels of the body? (often Bi syndrome can affect more than one level)1. superficial muscle layer
    2. channel layer
    3. tendon and bone layer


  5. What is the nature and function of Fu Zi (Rx. Aconite)?Nature: pungent and hot
    Functions: warms the spleen and kidney yang; warms the channels and dispels cold. (powerful pain reliever & tx for chronic diarrhea)