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  1. Antirheumatics treat what?
  2. What causes Bi syndrome?
  3. Powders are how many times more concentrated than raw herbs?
  4. What is the nature of antirheumatic herbs and how are they taken?
  5. Heat Bi:
  1. a 5 times (also more easily absorbed and stored; used for chronic issues)
  2. b pain with burning sensation, redness and swelling of joints, impaired movement and pain is relieved by cold; tx clear heat, dispel wind, and resove damp
  3. c nature: pungent and warm
    taken as a tonic (alcohol inproves circulation of qi and blood)
  4. d wind, cold, and damp that stagnate in the channels and causes arthralgia (joint pain).
  5. e pain, numbness, swollen joints, heavy sensation of 4 limbs, and difficulty bending and stretching (Bi syndrome)

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  1. yes
  2. storage; to increase spleen awakening and stomach strengthening of herb
  3. enhances herbs astringing and blood activating properties
  4. water, oil, glycerin, vinegar or alcohol.
  5. warming body and re-ignites ming men fire.

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  1. How do you prepare a tincture?place herbs into pot, cover with water ( if boiling for 30 min or longer add more water about an inch above), after water boils vigorously turn to simmer, stir frequently, after simmer for allotted time strain and drink.


  2. Cold limbs, edema, fatigue, frequent urination, incontinence, impotence, infertility, pulse is faint and feebile and tongue is pale, swollen with teeth marks are symptoms of what?Nature: pungent and warm
    Channel: Spleen and kidney


  3. How are minerals and shells prepared?cooked for 30-60 minutes before adding other herbs in formula.


  4. What are the contraindictaions of interior warming herbs?salt, honey, vinegar, wine, ginger


  5. How do you prepare a decoction?dissolve 3lbs of brown sugar in a pint of boiling water and boil to thick. (there're 2 other ways too)