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The New Era


industry that was a new and rapidly growing


unification; process of becoming firmer or stronger;many industries were practicing this

minimum comfort level

66% of Americans weren't able to reach their...

welfare capitalism

the notion of using benefits to gain workers' loyalty, improve worker morale

William Green

second president of the AFL, an advocate of labor-management cooperation

pink collar jobs

low paying jobs for women


where many Mexican and Mexican Americans of the California region ended up living

American Plan

Policy promoted by business leaders during the 1920's that called for open shops.

Brotherhood of Sleeping Car Porters

Union founded to help African Americans who worked for the Pullman Company.


During the new era union membership went...


those that didn't leave the farm were forced into...

American Farm Bureau Federation

organization dedicated to promoting, protecting, and representing the interests of farmers


government-supported level for the prices of agricultural products, intended to keep farmers' incomes steady.

McNary-Haugen Bill

sought to keep agricultural prices high by having the government buy surpluses to sell abroad


Automobile's helped to ______ people's geographical horizon

The Man Nobody Knows

book written by Bruce Barton and talked about how Jesus was the father of modern business.

The Saturday Evening Post

first magazine to achieve a general interest, mass audience

the readers digest

magazine that responded to modern life


magazine that conducted the news

The Jazz Singer

First movie with sound

Will Hays

Established a set of moral standards for the movies which lasted until the 60's

Motion Picture Association

created to make Hollywood more responsible in movies it produced


First commercial broadcasting station

Abundant Religion

book written by a liberal protestant spokesman

new professional woman

used to describe the women that were joining the workplace

compassionate marriage

In theory gave wives laws and rank, but in reality it gave domestic tyranny

Margaret Sanger

headed an organized birth control movement, she championed the use of contraceptives


young woman in the 1920s who rebelled against traditional ways of thinking and acting

Sheppard-Towner Act

Provided federal funding for maternity and child care

self-made man

this image had a decline due to new proof shown that hard work doesn't always advance you

lost Americans

lost sight of morals and values


people who expose/throw out old ideas

Harlem Renaissance

period when African-American achievements in art, music, and literature flourished.


most of southerners were called this due to their society being an alternative to industrialization

noble experiment

what prohibition was also called

Al Capone

United States gangster who terrorized Chicago during Prohibition

rural protestants

group that continued to defend prohibition and supported religious fundamentalism

Eighteenth Amendment

prohibited the manufacture, sale, and distribution of alcoholic beverages

National Origins Act

law that placed strict quotas on immigration into the US

Second Ku Klux Klan

organization against immigrants, Jews, and Catholics, supported "native" Americanism.

Charles Darwin

Religious fundamentalists opposed the evolutionary teachings of...

William Jennings Bryan

Lawyer for the state of TN in the Scopes Trial

Scopes Trial

trial that pitted the teaching of Darwin's theory of evolution against teaching Bible creationism

Al Smith

4 time gov. of NY; democratic candidate against Hoover; very 'wet', Catholic, and urban

Warren G. Harding

president who called for a return to normalcy following WWI

Calvin Coolidge

Became president when Harding died. Tried to clean up scandals, business prospered

Ohio Gang

Harding's "advisors" who played poker, drank, and smoked with him in the White House

TeaPot Dome

Naval oil reserve in Wyoming that gave its name to one of the major Harding administration scandals

1924 Election

Between Calvin Coolidge (R) and John Davis (D), Coolidge won be receiving almost double the vote

Herbert Hoover

President of the United States when the stock market crashed and the economy collapsed

Bailey v. Drexel Furniture Co.

Ruling: The Child Labor Tax law is unconstitutional

Adkins v. Children's Hospital

Supreme Court that overturns minimum wage for women

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