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  1. Phillip II
  2. Persians
  3. Persian War
  4. Carthage
  5. Solon
  1. a An ethnic group that settled in what is now Iran. They were rivals for control of Mesopotamia with the Greeks.
  2. b Sorry, I didn't have info on this. Message me the information on Facebook, but for the time being, press enter.
  3. c A rival empire to the Romans who were added to the Empire after the Punic Wars.
  4. d A tyrannic leader who set up non-religious courts. He also forbade debt slavery, and set up a fun to buy back slaves.
  5. e The father of Alexander the Great; A king of Macedonia.

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  1. A group of people who were named after King Minos. They were the first civilization of Europe. Their society was very equal, and they did not believe in warfare. They came to an end when the Mycenaeans came to power.
  2. The wealthy class in Roman society; landowners
  3. A time in Greece where not much was known of their history.
  4. Two officials from the patrician class were appointed each year of the Roman Republic to supervise the government and command the armies.
  5. First in line.

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  1. Mark AntonyA temple built in the reign of Pericles. It was used to honor Athena, and also was used for events.


  2. ThemisticlesA ruler in the form of democracy. He was the one who laid the foundation for it, and held assemblies every nine days where voters would use red and black rocks. He also practiced ostracism, where any threats would be banished to an exile island.


  3. PlatoAn Athenian tutor who was taught by Socrates, but then taught Aristotle.


  4. Gracchus BrothersComposed of Tiberius and Gauis, they tried to end horrible slave laws, and also tried to restore the skeleton back to Rome.


  5. PericlesFirst in line.