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  1. Republic
  2. Plato
  3. Germanic Tribes
  4. Pantheon
  5. Socrates
  1. a A political system in which the supreme power lies in a body of citizens who can elect people to represent them
  2. b They invaded the Roman Empire from the North and East, caused the fall of Rome.
  3. c A ruler who believed in reason and logic. He questioned the society and how they lived. He was brought to death after being brought to court for treason charges.
  4. d An Athenian tutor who was taught by Socrates, but then taught Aristotle.
  5. e A significant building that was known back in the day for having been built sturdily with an indoor curved ceiling.

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  1. The place that the Minoans were settled in.
  2. A rival empire to the Romans who were added to the Empire after the Punic Wars.
  3. The father of Alexander the Great; A king of Macedonia.
  4. The wealthy class in Roman society; landowners
  5. A piece of land, where the citizens were finally admitted citizenship to Rome after Caesar conquered them. (France)

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  1. HoplitesThey were heavily armed Greek infantrymen who marched and fought in close ranks. Most of the recruits were middle-class citizens


  2. OlympicsA festival that first started out as a religious event, but later became focused on mind and body.


  3. PompeyA Greek city-state


  4. Gracchus BrothersThe two boys who were rumored to have been thrown into a river and raised by a wolf. How Rome was thought to have been founded off of.


  5. HomerA military leader who was elected consul, and ruled with Caesar and Crassus.