101 terms

English 10CP Final

Walt Whitman
worked with bold strokes on a large canvas; sociable, loved company
Emily Dickinson
worked with the delicacy of a miniaturist; private and shy
Dickinson's expectations about her audience
homebody; peered through her curtains and found metaphors in nature
Whitman's expectations about his audience
expected that his celebration of universal brotherhood would be carried to the future
Leaves of Grass
the story of a pleasant young man who never found himself-made him famous
Dickinson's career as a poet began ________________.
After her death
the long, easy sweep of sound that echoes the Bible and the speeches of orators and preachers-whitman
free verse
poetry without rhyme or meter-whitman
Dickinson's style of writing
wrote with the precision of a diamond cutter; demands of rhyme and meter found in a hymn book
Dickinson and Whitman together mark a turning point in American poetry
They strayed away from literacy conventions
a list of things, people or events that are related in some way-whitman
parallel structure
refers to the repetition of words, phrases, and sentences that have same grammatical structures
Different kind of wokers in I Hear America Singing
singing workers
theme of I Hear America Singing
Each worker sings what belongs to him or her and no one else
calalog of I Hear America Singing
the workers
repetition of words in I Hear America Singing
repetition of phrases in I Hear America Singing
repetition of sentence patterns in I Hear America Singing
The (worker) singing as (verb)
reasons why whitman wrote about these people
they work hard, but they are happy about it
whitmans attitude torwards work
it is a joyous thing, and worth singing about
I Hear America Singing's tone
the repetition of consonant sounds
the repetition of vowel sounds
the use of words whose sounds echo their meanings
restate a writer's ideas in your own words
includes only the most important details
walt whitman and themes
never states his themes directly
a summing up and restatement of the different themes running throughout the poem
point of view in Song of Myself
first person
where the speaker is in Song of Myself
under your boot-soles
parallelism in Song of Myself
I stop somewhere waiting for you
exact rhyme
accented syllables and all following syllables of two or more words share the same sound
slant rhyme
a close, but not exact, rhyming sound
a major element of Emily Dickinson's poetry
figures of speech
comparisions of two unlike things
comparisions that do not use exact words of comparision
a type of metaphor that gives inanimate things human characteristics
extended metaphors
metaphors developed over several lines or even the whole poem
big metaphor in If You Were Coming in the Fall
Subtrating until my fingers dropped
If You Were Coming in the Fall waiting for a bee sting and waiting for her love
she does not like being alone
situational irony
a contrast between what happens and what we expect to happen
verbal irony
a contrast between what is said and what is meant
dramatic irony
when the reader knows something a character does not know
Because I Count Not Stop For Death-Describes death in an ironic way
Because I Could Not Stop For Death-children symbolism
Because I Could Not Stop For Death-fields of grain symbolism
adult life
Because I Could Not Stop For Death-sunset symbolism
Because I Could Not Stop For Death-house symbolism
Because I Could Not Stop For Death-when /where the poem ends
she is looking back at her life, heaven/hell
When I Died-as the speaker dies
she hears a fly buzz
When I Died-they expect to see______ and they really see__________
how Emerson responded to the war
maintained his conviction that the war must not be pursued
BattlePieces and Aspects of the War
often dark and foreboding-based on real-life experiences of the war
works of literary significance in the war
realistic novel
had not fully been developed in the US
subject drawn from the slums of the cities-factories were replacing farmland
often unrealistic in their depiction of character and social enviroment
attempted to dissect human behavior with as much objectivity as a scientist would use.
Henry James
concentrated on fine distinctions in charcter motivation
In Song of Myself, number 33, Whitman catalogs all the following heroes —
women condemned as witches,runaway slaves being chased by slave catchers,firefighters trapped in burning buildings
In Song of Myself, number 33, Whitman lists heroes who are —
ordinary people
Douglass explains that his purpose is to —
show how a slave was made a man
While fanning wheat, Douglass collapses because —
the heat and work has made him ill
Douglass leaves the plantation to —
get help from Master Thomas, his owner
Jenkins advises Douglass to carry a root that will —
make it impossible for any white man to whip Douglass
Douglass thinks the root may bring him good luck because Covey —
treats him kindly upon his return
When Covey tries to bind Douglass's legs with a rope, Douglass —
fights back by grabbing Covey by the throat
When Covey calls out and asks Bill to help subdue Douglass, Bill —
refuses to get involved
For six months after this incident, —
Covey never touches Douglass
During the course of this selection, Douglass shows how he —
moves from fear to defiance
At the end of the selection, Douglass —
regains his sense of freedom and dignity
using a metaphor comparing his appearance to that of a "man who had escaped a den of wild beasts," Douglass suggests that —
slaves are treated like beasts, but the slaves' owners are the real beasts
Which of the following sets of images does Douglass use in the metaphor that concludes the selection?
Embers, a tomb, and heaven
Douglass achieves his purpose by —
using description, narration, and persuasion
At first, Mrs. Sommers thinks that she will spend her fifteen dollars on —
clothing for her children
At the beginning of the story, Mrs. Sommers is characterized as a —
dutiful, caring parent
What can you infer about Mrs. Sommers's past?
She had more money and lived a more gracious life.
How do the silk stockings affect Mrs. Sommers?
When she touches them, she wants more things.
You can conclude from the events in this story that —
silk stockings were an expensive luxury
After Mrs. Sommers buys the stockings, what is her next purchase?
A pair of beautiful leather shoes
Mrs. Sommers also allows herself the luxury of a —
meal at a nice restaurant and a play
Mrs. Sommers's new clothes make her feel —
At the matinée, Mrs. Sommers —
very much enjoys the performance
Before she buys herself some luxuries, Mrs. Sommers is likely motivated by all of the following forces except —
political forces to vote
What motivates Mrs. Sommers to treat herself to some luxuries?
She is likely acting on an impulse.
Each of the objects that Mrs. Sommers buys is —
an unnecessary extravagance
Analyzing the historical context of "A Pair of Silk Stockings" is most important for understanding why Mrs. Sommers —
is filled with importance when she gets fifteen dollars
modernist movement
movement in literature, painting, music, and other arts called for bold experiments
3 aspects of the american dream
america as a new eden, a belief in progress, triumph of the individual
postwar writers
became skeptical of the New England Puritan tradition and the gentility that had been central to the literary ideal
stream of conciousness
abandoned chronoloy and attempted to imitate the moment-by-moment flow of a character's perceptions and memories
life in France
F. Scott Fitzgerald-many american writers and artists left America
3 characteristics of the Hemingway Hero
man of action, a warrior, a touh competitor.
voices of american character
poets who stayed at home and told their stories in plain american language
voices of the african american experience
poetry based on its rhythms on spiritual jazz-blues
narrative poem
a poem that tells a story
dialogue of Death of a Hired Man
between a man and his wife as they discuss Silas, the working man
blank verse
unrhymed iambic pentameter
unaccented syllable followed by an accented syllable
a poem that is written to follow a more or less regular pattern of stressed and unstressed syllables
a guess based on information in the text and on your own knowledge and experience