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  1. More than ____ languages spoken in the US
  2. Language
  3. Culture and Society are
  4. Cultural Transmission
  5. Nonmaterial Culture
  1. a 300
  2. b system of symbols allow people to communicate with one another
  3. c consists of ideas created by members of a society ranges from art to Zen
  4. d hand in hand
  5. e process by which one generation passes cuture to the next

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  1. cultural standards people use to decide what is desirable,good, beautiful and serves as guideline for social living
  2. has particular meaning recognized by people of a shared culture
  3. limitations, self-conscious our ultimate morality
  4. ways of thinking, acting and material objects together form person's way of life
  5. people

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  1. Societyspecific ideas people hold as 'true"


  2. Robin William Jr. 10 US Culture Values:consists of ideas created by members of a society ranges from art to Zen


  3. Sapir-Whorf Thesispeople who interact in a territory and share a culture


  4. Each language has its own symbols so people of different cultures300


  5. Culture is a two way process:hand in hand