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inventor of the telegraph

Samuel Morse

Heinrich Hertz demonstrated existence of...

electromagnetic waves

Philo Farnsworth invented...

the image dissector

First communication satellite, launched in 1960, called

Project Echo, or "Echo 1"

conventional telecommunication connection that used cable laid across the land


television transmission system that uses cable rather than an over-air broadcast signal

cable television

thin, flexible, fibers of glass that transmit light signals


silicon chip is used in digital technology

integrated circuit

the melding of print, electronic and photographic media intro digitized form

media convergence

technology through which media messages are coded into 1s and 0s for delivery transmission and then decoded into their original appearance


high capacity global telephone network that connects to computers


digital revolution is also known as...

information age

tim berners-lee invented..

the world wide web

the media through which a message is sent to a mass audience


media people who influence messages


Rupert Murdoch owns..

Time magazine

an economic system with private owners operating trade and industry for profit


BBC is funded through...

Foreign and Commonwealth office

Gannett, with its 99 newspapers, is an example of...

media conglomerate

one trait of media conglomerate is...

multiple companies being owned

an industry in which a few companies dominate production..


On air acknowledgements of non commercial broadcasting sponsors..


first postal subsidy was created in...


1927 Federal Radio Act...

created a government agency to license radio stations

Newspaper Preservation Act of 1970...

for exception from antitrust laws for local newspapers that combine all but news editorial operations

fanciful term for mass media as a monitor of government performance on behalf of citizens


Examples of trade groups

EWEA, Association of British Travel Agents (ABTA), and the Confederation of British Industry

trade groups are usually created when..

competitors to pursue mutual goals

media in the 1860s helped spread info about slavery through...

daily newspapers

media researchers at Ball State University found that people are intentionally involved in a media activity for...

30% of their waking hours

technology enabled communication to mass audiences

mass communications

media most often used daily is


most-listened-for item in morning newscast is..


the most obvious form of mass media intended to persuade is..


John milton is known for...

marketplace of ideas

newspaper, radio, television, and magazine companies cannot survive unless they do what...

reach a group that advertises want to reach and sell advertisement

competence or knowledge is...

media literacy

most of media exposure is...

invisible or unnoticed at a conscious level

one of the traditions of US journalism that was born in the Constitution is...

that is should serve as a watchdog

feedback is important because..

it is in person and needs the feedback to keep the conversation going

the most visible information delivered by mass media is..


one characteristic that distinguishes mass communication from interpersonal and group communication is...

mass comm requires therapy

mass media help connect communities through

binds communities with messages that become a shared experience

when FDR talked to the nation over radio during greta depression, he demonstrated the mass media's ability to..

bring communities together with cultural cohesion

television because a societal unifier because of..

news coverage of riveting events

publication that offered readers a "first person" tone and enhanced graphic features..

USA today

media among the first to demassify in the 1950s..


demassification has contirbuted ot the growth of what?


entered in the vocabulary in the 1980s to describe how the broadcast industry reches niche audiences..


primary goal of most US mass media is to...

make a profit

a major revenue stream for American media is..


what are advertisers really paying the mass media for?


the book industry is unlike most other major media companies because...

its profit is based on direct sales

the non-advertising part of a media products content is called..

editorial content

what media organizations rely in part on government funding?

public broadcasting

for most magazines, subscriptions are...

public broadcasting

besides ticket sales, another source of revenue for Hollywood is what?

merchandise tie-ins

which media mogul built News Corporation into one of the worlds largest media empires?

Robert Murdach

during the 1864 presidential election, Thomas Nast's political cartoon played an influential role and was significant in the history of mass communication because it did what?

showed how John Breckenridge was against civil war and thought it was useless

defining characteristic of mass communication is...

its reliance on technology

traditional media products and new products are emerging from what?


photography and movies have relied on what technology throughout most of their history?

chemical technology

the first of the electronic medias was?

sound recording

what innovation made the printing press an agent for mass communication?

printing press

the man who invented movable type and produced 200 bibles with it was..

Johannes Gutenberg

the movement toward mass production in china was stalled because...

too many characters in alphabet

the advancement of the printed word was initially slowed because of...

lack of paper

scientists could print their theories and experiements for wide dissemination through..

moveable metal type/printing press

frederick ives invented; allowed visuals to accompany written word


the reproduction of a black and white image in which the various tones of gray are produced by variously sized dots of ink is the...


Time founder Henry Luce launched what visually oriented magazine?

National Geographic

created a new kind of archival record


george eastman is well known for developing..

celluloid film

first sound recording and playback machine was the..


the recession that began in 2008 resulted in what regarding the media?


the christian science monitor is sponsored by..


the christian science monitors is known for..

focusing on problems and finding solutions

advertising-dependent media that suffered more than others during the recession beginning in 2008 is..


largest example of a media cooperative

association press

many newspapers have abandoned because of the high cost..

investigative reporting

global news enterprises, the center for public integrity, and propublica are examples of..

non profit organization

family owned media have declined in number because..

federal inheritance for tax laws

a government-funded radio and television system dating to 1927 is..

british broadcasting corporation

Nixon attempted to starve PBS and NPR by..

urging corporation for public broadcasting to shift financial support away from PBS and NPR

what are ways the US gov policy historically has favored the print media?

postal acts

PDR demonstrated during fireside chats...

governments ability to bypass

according to andy grove, the final stages of an aging industry follow a predictable three-stage course that consists of..

ignore new challenges, resist change, radical reforms

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