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he ______ to school by bus.

he goes to school by bus

Neeraj and Preeti ______ to eat ice-cream

Neeraj and Preeti LIKE to eat ice-cream

Lea and John ______ married

Lea and John are married

Gaytri _____ absent

Gaytri is absent.

Chanda ______ to English class everyday.

Chanda COMES to English class everyday.

My friends ______ English very well

My friends SPEAK English very well.

I _____ cricket very well.

I PLAY cricket very well.

There _____ 5 girls in the room.

There are 5 girls in the room.

There ____ one boy.

There is one boy.

The girls _____ working hard.

The girls are working hard.

The boys ____ playing cricket.

The boys are playing cricket.

It is cold in ________ (month)

December, January, February

The weather is hot in _____ (month)

June, July, August

This is my book. _____ is your book over there.

This is my book. That is your book over there.

_____ I have some more water, please?

MAY I have some more water, please?

May I have _____ more water, ______?

May I have SOME more water, PLEASE?

____ ____ ____ to the bathroom, please?

May I go to the bathroom, please?

Where ____ Gaytri and Preeti?

Where AREGaytri and Preeti?

____ _____ over there.

Theyare over there.

Polar bears ______ penguins.

Polar bears eat penguins.

A snake _____ sing songs.

A snake can't sing songs.

A kangeroo ____ jump.

A kangeroo can jump.

A butterfly can't _____

A butterfly can't swim.

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