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Electromagnetic Spectrum, Chpt 3 (J)

radio waves

Of all the forms of electromagnetic radiation, the one with the lowest frequency is


Radio waves, visible light, and x-rays are all a type of electromagnetic radiation


Which type of radiation can be observed well from Earth's surface?


Which of these is constant for ALL types of electromagnetic radiation in a vacuum?

frequency times the wavelength of the wave

A wave's velocity is the product of the

x-rays don't reach the surface of Earth

X-ray telescopes are located in orbit around the Earth because


Which form of electromagnetic radiation would be blocked in the stratosphere by ozone?


An observer will measure the wavelength of waves eminating from a source that is moving away as longer than it really is.

Electromagnetic radiation

Can behave both as a wave and as a particle.

radial motion

The Doppler Effect is a phenomenon that allows one to measure an object's

bluer than it is

If a light source is approaching you at a speed very close to the speed of light, it will appear

no shift

The light from an object moving tangentially (to your left or right) will exhibit

Its energy peaks at the wavelength determined by its temperature

What is true of a blackbody?

Stefan's Law

If the Sun's temperature were doubled, it would give off 16x's more energy.

Star B must be bigger

Star A and Star B have the same temperature, but star B is more luminous than star A. What can you infer about these two stars?


As they move thru space, the vibrating electrical and magnetic fields of a light wave must move perpendicular to each other.

the frequency in Hertz

The number of waves passing the observer per second is

the wave nature of light

What does the phenomenon of interference demonstrate?


The visible color of electromagnetic radiation that has the shortest wavelength is

transfer energy

Both sound waves and electromagnetic radiation


Observations in the x-ray portion of the spectrum are routinely done from the surface of the earth.

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