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Spectral-line Analysis, Chpt 4 (J)
IN the atom, which particles gives the element its identify (atomic number)?
a rainbow
Which of these is the classic continuous spectrum?
Zeeman Effect
The splitting of spectral lines in the presence of strong magnetic fields is the
Which of the following type of electromagnetic radiation has the lowest energy?
Only a hot, thin gas can produce an emission line.
radio or microwave telescopes
Since the difference in energy between the different rotational states a molecule is very small, many molecular lines can be observed with
The shorter a wave's wavelength, the greater it's energy.
The larger the red shift, the faster the distant galaxy is rushing toward us.
Molecular spectra, like elemental ones, involve only the vibration of the particles.
a red emission line
In a hydrogen atom, a transition from the third to the second energy level will produce
What is spectroscopy
An analysis of the way in which atoms absorb and emit light.
This is an example of the Doppler Effect
The observed spectral lines of a star are all shifted towards the red end of the spectrum. Which statement is true?
Molecules can vibrate and rotate as well
Why are molecular lines more complex than elemental spectral lines?
a few bright lines against a dark background
The Orion Nebula, M-42, is a hot, thin cloud of glowing gas, so its spectrum is
13.6 eV
The energy required to ionize a hydrogen atom whose electron is in the ground state (energy level1) is
chemical composition, whether it has a strong magnetic field, its radial motion, its temperature
What information about an astronomical object can be determined by observing its spectrum?
absorption lines due to the thin outer layer above the photosphere
The Fraunhofer lines in the solar spectrum are actually
a rainbow,but with some dark lines mixed in
Typical stellar spectra appear as
An emission spectrum can be used to identify a (n)
density of the hot medium, magnetic fields of the star, rotation of the star, thermal motion of the hot atoms
The broadening of spectral lines can be caused by
added an electron to the outer electron shell
To have a negative ion, you must have
their magnetic fields
According to the Zeeman Effect, the splitting of a sunspot's spectral lines is due to