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social, southern

Round Dance

social, northern

Fancy Dance

competition, southern

N. Traditional

competition, northern

Jingle dress

competition, northern

Social Dance

s: 4x
n: 6x


s: 3x
n: 4x

Intertribal description

each person does different dance at same time

round dance description

side-step dance in unison
triple beat
mens' circle faster than womens, 2 circles

Mens Basic

toe/heel. changing feet

N. Traditional description

duple -> triple
begins on floor
chicken like
ONE bussle on back, earth tone regalia, face paint

Sneak up

ruffle and men's basic

Fancy Dance

2 bussles
ruffle during drumroll

Jingle dress description

ornamental pieces on dress
side-step, triple beat
uses fan of feathers to stress HB

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