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Interior Crocodile Alligator, I drive a Chevrolet Movie Theater,

Thunderbolt II, 1977, 420 mph

A-10A/C Full Name, Service Dates, Speed

One, Close Air Support, Fairchild Republic

A-10A/C Crew, Function, Manufacturer

713, 175 (A-10A), 180 (A-10C)

A-10A/C Production, Inventory

titanium armor, bathtub, 23 mm rounds, Desert Storm, 1991, 2028

A-10A/C Commentary: The cockpit is protected with a ____ "____", capable of absorbing to ____. A-10s were first used in combat during ____ in ____. The A-10 is projected to serve beyond ____.

Raptor, 2002, Mach 2.0+

F-22A Name, Service Dates, Speed

One, Multirole Fighter, Lockheed Martin

F-22A Crew, Function, Manufacturer

187, 141

F-22A Production, Inventory

IOC, December 2005, Jan 21, 2006, Langley AFB, VA, Noble Eagle, Pentagon, 187, 2012

F-22A Commentary: The F-22A reached ____ (Initial Operational Capability) in ____, and on ____, it flew its first operational sortie from ____, as part of ____. The ____ has capped production at ____ aircraft, with final delivery expected in ____.

If I do my full duty, the rest will take care of itself.

Duty by: General George S. Patton Jr., USA

13, 1, 1

In General Patton's Duty quote, how many words, commas, and periods?

There is only one sort of discipline - perfect discipline. Men cannot have good battle discipline and poor administrative discipline.

Discipline by: General George S. Patton Jr., USA

19, 0, 2

In General Patton's Discipline quote, how many words, commas, and periods?

Require nothing unreasonable of your officers and men, but see that whatever is required be punctually complied with. Reward and punish every man according to his merit, without partiality or prejudice; hear his complaints; if well founded, redress them; if otherwise, discourage them in order to prevent frivolous ones. Discourage vice in every shape, and impress upon the mind of every man, from the first to the lowest, the importance of cause, and what it is they are contending for.

Leadership by: President George Washington

80, 8, 3, 3

In President Washington's Leadership quote, how many words, commas, semicolons, and periods?

Lieutenant General Bradley C. Hosmer, Class of 1959

AF Heritage: Who is the person for this week's heritage and what is his graduating class?

He was the first graduate to come back to the Academy as Superintendent.

AF Heritage: What was unique about General Hosmer?

number one, General Order of Merit, Oxford University, Rhodes, air liaison officer, First Cavalry Division, Vietnam

AF Heritage: After graduating as the ____ cadet in the ____, he went to ____ on a ____ Scholarship. When finished with his Rhodes program, General Hosmer became an ____ with the ____ in ____.

one, four, Colonel, Superintendent, Air Force Academy, first graduate, 1991, 1994

AF Heritage: He was also ____ of the first ____ graduates promoted to ____. When he retired, General Hosmer was serving as the ____ of the ____. He was the ____ to come back to the Academy as Superintendent, a position he held from ____-____.

Distinguished Flying Cross, two Bronze Stars

AF Heritage: General Hosmer has earned the____ and ____.

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