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  1. people who make the product or are involved;
  2. person who puts together the first three factors of production (owns business)
  3. the difference between what it costs to make the item and what it is sold for
  4. buying something less expensive to meet a need
  5. money paid to use someone elses money
  6. 1. What will I make?
    2. How will I make it?
    3. Who gets to buy it?
    4. How am I going to distribute my item?

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  1. Micropersonal budget


  2. Capitalnot being able to purchase what we want


  3. ScarcityMoney and machines; Cost=interest


  4. Macropersonal budget


  5. What is Mixed a mix of?Command and Free Market


  6. Natural Resourcesland, building, and materials that go into the production of the product; Cost=rent


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