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  1. What you earn back.
  2. money
  3. people who make the product or are involved;
  4. 1. What will I make?
    2. How will I make it?
    3. Who gets to buy it?
    4. How am I going to distribute my item?
  5. Micro and Macro
  6. not being able to purchase what we want

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  1. Entrepreneurshipperson who puts together the first three factors of production (owns business)


  2. Opportunity Costcost of 1 item in terms of another item


  3. What are the Factors of Production?Micro and Macro


  4. Capitalnot being able to purchase what we want


  5. What is Mixed a mix of?Command and Free Market


  6. Economicsstudy of how we fulfill unlimited wants with limited resources


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