ASL ABC Stories

Basic 4 Principles
Succession, minimal deviation, cohesive devices, storyline
-order is consistent (a-z/z-a)
-repetition of letters balanced (if 2 a's, 2 b's)
-when 2 handshakes together, letter in correct order
Minimal Deviation
-body can't be letter, form with hand (can't look like another letter)
Cohesive Devices
-role, shift, eye gaze
-pause, pace (slow, normal, fast)
-makes sense
-has arc (intro, body, conclusion)
Succession Main Idea
Alphabet appears in order
Minimal Deviation Main Idea
Limits on how much handshake can be modified or varied from original
Cohesive Device Main Idea
NMS that help story flow
Storyline Main Idea
Decent and clear