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  1. redress
  2. redact
  3. juxtapose
  4. stagnate
  5. peruse
  1. a to be idle, to be still
  2. b to put next to each other, place side by side
  3. c to examine carefully
  4. d to revise, edit
  5. e to set right, remedy

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  1. to increase gradually in size or degree
  2. to chew
  3. to repeat, reiterate
  4. to provoke or cause indignation, to cause to feel resentment or indignation
  5. to criticize, scold, reproach

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  1. goadto urge, to provoke


  2. surmiseto guess, infer, suppose


  3. undulateto reject, turn down


  4. waneto decrease gradually in size or degree


  5. purportto displace and substitute for another, to take the place of