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  1. juxtapose
  2. purport
  3. wane
  4. raze
  5. redress
  1. a to decrease gradually in size or degree
  2. b to put next to each other, place side by side
  3. c to demolish
  4. d to set right, remedy
  5. e to have the often specious appearance of being, intending, or claiming, general meaning or tenor

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  1. to make obscure or unclear, to render incomprehensible
  2. to repeat, reiterate
  3. to soothe, ease, calm down, assuage
  4. to soften in temper, to calm or soothe
  5. to chew

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  1. fetterto restrain, chain, tie down


  2. peruseto examine carefully


  3. upbraidto criticize, scold, reproach


  4. placateto soothe, appease


  5. undulateto make obscure or unclear, to render incomprehensible


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