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  1. coterie
  2. picayune
  3. fraught
  4. convivial
  5. interpolate
  1. a to insert between other parts or things; to present as an addition or correction
  2. b a circle of acquaintances; a close-knit, often exclusive, group of people with a common interest
  3. c of little value or importance, paltry, measly; concerned with trifling matters, small-minded
  4. d festive, sociable, having fun together, genial
  5. e full of or loaded with; accompanied by

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  1. a pretentious display of knowledge; overly rigid attention to rules and details
  2. revolting in an unnatural or morbid way; suggestive of someone who robs graves or otherwise preys on the dead
  3. having the nature of a command that leaves no opportunity for debate, denial, or refusal; offensively self assured
  4. regretful for one's sins or mistakes; one who is sorry for wrong doing
  5. glaring; tastelessly showy or over decorated in a vulgar or offensive way

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  1. laconicconcise, using few words


  2. decimatethoroughly dried out; divested of spirit or vitality; arid and uninteresting


  3. impecuniousexcessively ready to find fault; given to petty criticism; intended to trap, confuse, or show up


  4. reconnoiterto engage in reconnaissance; to make a preliminary inspection


  5. contriteregretful for some misdeed or sin; plagued by a sense of guilt; thoroughly penitent