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  1. fa├žade
  2. acclamation
  3. increment
  4. imperturbable
  5. laconic
  1. a an enlargement, increase, addition
  2. b not easily excited; emotionally steady
  3. c concise, using few words
  4. d the front or face of a building; a surface appearance (as opposed to what may lie behind)
  5. e a shout of welcome; an overwhelming verbal vote of approval

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  1. (v.) to find fault in a petty way, carp; (n.) a trivial objection or criticism
  2. burdensome; involving hardship or difficulty
  3. to set apart, separate for a special purpose; to take possession of and hold in custody
  4. marked by slavish attentiveness; excessively submissive, often for purely self-interested reasons
  5. fragment, smelling strongly; tending to arouse memories or create an aura

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  1. paucityglaring; tastelessly showy or over decorated in a vulgar or offensive way


  2. defunctto make suitable repayment, as for a kindness, service, or favor; to make retaliation, as for an injury or wrong; to reciprocate


  3. impeccablenot easily excited; emotionally steady


  4. dilettantea dabbler in the arts; one who engages in an activity in an amateurish, trifling way


  5. omnipresentpresent in all places at all times