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  1. acclamation
  2. bucolic
  3. cavil
  4. captious
  5. conciliate
  1. a a shout of welcome; an overwhelming verbal vote of approval
  2. b (v.) to find fault in a petty way, carp; (n.) a trivial objection or criticism
  3. c to overcome the distrust of, win over; to appease, pacify; to reconcile, make consistent
  4. d excessively ready to find fault; given to petty criticism; intended to trap, confuse, or show up
  5. e characteristic of the countryside, rural; relating to shepherds and cowherds, pastoral

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  1. aware, knowledgeable, informed; having jurisdiction
  2. equivalent, having the same meaning, value, or effect
  3. given to lying or deception; untrue
  4. dying, on the way out
  5. to decorate, adorn, touch up; to improve by adding details

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  1. perfunctoryno longer in existence or functioning, dead


  2. rifecommon, prevalent, widespread, happening often; full, abounding; plentiful, abundant, replete


  3. razeto tear down, destroy completely; to cut or scrape off or out


  4. burnishto make smooth or glossy by rubbing, polish; gloss, brightness, luster


  5. paltrya pretentious display of knowledge; overly rigid attention to rules and details


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