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anything that has mass and takes up space

graduated cylinder

used to measure the volume of a liquid


measures the amount of matter within an object - does not depend on gravity


the amount of space an object occupies


is affected by the amount of gravity pushing down on an object

Volume of a regular shaped object

= length x width x height

Volume of an irregular shaped object

displacement = v2 - v1

Conservation of Matter

a change can occur in a substance either physically or chemically but mass can neither be created or destroyed


Mass / Volume

Density of a substance

is constant no matter how much or little you have of that same substance

Density of H2O

Liquid = 1 g/mL Solid = 0.91 g/mL Gas = 0.0006 g/mL


the basic unit of matter


when two or more different atoms bond together


when two or more atoms bond together, it doesn't matter if they are the same or different


molecules close together and vibrate


molecules have some space between and slide


molecules have a lot of space between and flow

Molecules Heated

speed up

Molecules Cooled

slow down

Physical property

can be changed without changing the actual substance

Chemical property

is what is changed to turn one substance in a brand new substance


liquid to a gas


gas to a liquid


liquid to a solid


solid to a liquid


gas to a solid or a solid to a gas


positive charge found in the nucleus = Atomic #


negative charge found in the electron cloud = Atomic #


neutral charge found in the nucleus = Atomic Mass - Atomic #

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