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ITCS 4.3.13

Chapters 3.4.13
The internet is ____.
a large network of networks
The concept of the Internet developed from ____.
the Cold War crisis
All of the following are ways to communicate of the internet EXCEPT:
Adobe Reader, Flash Player, and QuickTime Player are all examples of special software programs called ____.
All the following are examples of multimedia EXCEPT:
Illegal copying an application onto another computer is called ____.
software piracy
Software that is distributed for free, but often with the condition that you pay for it if you like and intend to use it, is called ____.
Which of the following is software that you can use for an unlimited time at no charge?
QuarkXPress and Adobe InDesign are examples or ____ software.
desktop publishing
Adobe Dreamweaver is an example of ____.
Web page authoring software
Which Microsoft program is used to create technical drawings, map basic block diagrams, and more?
Which type of software is used at calleges to keep track of student record?
database software
Which type of software is used to make a slide show?
presentation software
Software you can use to create a budget is called ____.
spreadsheet software
Microsoft Word and OpenOffice.org Writer are examples or ____.
word processing software
System software does all of the following EXCEPT:
add graphics and pictures to files
Software that lets you do tasks at home, school, and work is called ____.
application software
Software refers to set of instructions that tells the computer what to do. These instuction sets are called ____.
The text version of a Web site's internet address is called the ____.
Uniform Resource Locator (URL)
The name of the free Internet browser from Mozilla is ____.
Who funded the development of technologies that would eventually become the Internet?
the United States government
A set of rules for exchanging electronic information is called a ____.
computer protocol
A(n) ____ contains text that is linked to other documents or media.
hypertext document
The root DNS servers know the location of all DNS servers that contain the master listing for an entire ____.
top-level domain
An IP address that does not change and is usually assigned manually by a network administrator is called a(n) ____.
static address
A(n) ________ is an IP address that is assigned from an available pool of IP addresses.
dynamic address
The World Wide Web was invented by ________.
Tim Berners-Lee at CERN
RSS stands for ________.
Really Simple Syndication
E-commerce that involves businesses buying and selling goods and services to other businesses is called ________.
Every software program has a set of ________ that specify the minimum recommended standards for the operating system, processor, RAM, and hard drive capacity.
system requirements
Custom software, developed to address the needs of a specific company, is known as ________ software.
In a spreadsheet, equations you build yourself using values and cell references are called ________.
In a spreadsheet, the columns and rows form individual boxes called ________.
Which of the following is most likely to be a popular choice for a broadband Internet connection in a rural area?
The Internet backbone refers to ________.
the main pathway of high-speed communications lines through which all Internet traffic flows
A(n) ________ is a keyword or term that is assigned to a piece of information such as a Web page, digital image, or video and describes the site so that it can be found again by browsing or searching.
All of the following are parts of a URL EXCEPT:
What protocol allows files to be transferred from a Web server so that you can view them on your computer using a browser?
In the URL http://www.prenhall.com, the portion labeled .com is the ________.
top-level domain
In the URL http://www.prenhall.com, the portion labeled http is the ________.
HTTP is the abbreviation for ________.
hypertext transfer protocol
________ is the organization responsible for the Internet's domain name system and IP address allocation.
________ is a consortium of member organizations that develops Web protocols.
The main paths of the Internet along which data travels the fastest are known collectively as the Internet ________.
The majority of Internet communications follow the ________ model of network communications.
A typical ________ is made up of one or more network switches to which ISPs connect.
Internet exchange point (IXP)
By using a(n) ________, individual Internet users are able to connect to their ISP.
Point of presence (POP)
By using common ________, networks can communicate even if they have different network topologies, transmission media, or operating systems.
circuit switching methods
Which protocol allows users to share files that reside on local computers with remote computers?
The original Internet backbone used T lines, which used ________.
twisted-pair wires
Which protocol is used to transmit e-mail over the Internet?
Computers running specialized operating systems that enable them to host Web pages and other information are called ________.
Web servers
Computers that host software that enables users to purchase goods and services over the Internet are called ________ servers.
.com and .org are examples of ____.
top-level domains
Standards that are made public for access by any interested party are called ________ protocols.
open system
________ is the communications methodology where data is broken into smaller chunks to be sent over various routes at the same time.
Packet switching
It is estimated that ____ percent of e-mail is spam.
Text such as <b>This should be bolded.</b> is an example of an HTML ________.
Which of the following statements concerning HTML and XHTML is FALSE?
HTML and XHTML are considered server-side programs
________ creates a secure connection between a client and a server and can safeguard your credit card information.
IPv6 uses what number system to create IP addresses?
Internet Protocol version 4 (IPv4), created in the early 1980s, allows about ________ IP addresses.
4 billion
A unique number that identifies a computer, server, or device connected to the Internet is called a(n) ________.
IP address
A(n) ________ is a small program that resides on a server designed to be downloaded and run on a client computer.
A computer that is deployed to provide remote storage space or to act as a storehouse for files that users can download is called a(n) ________.
file server
Which protocol transfers HTML data from servers to browsers?
Which protocol enables logging in to a remote computer and working on it as if you were sitting in front of it?
Which of the following specifications is used to simplify attachments to e-mail messages?
________ are lists of statements that use a single location to specify how to display HTML/XHTML elements.
cascading style sheets (CSS)
What is the range of normal WiFi connectivity?
300 feet
What is the range of normal WiMAX connectivity?
31 miles
The agency that first began funding the Internet was called the ________.
National Science Foundation
Which of the following provides the highest speed Internet connection?
The "s" in https stands for ____.
secure socket layer
________ is the main suite of protocols used on the Internet.
At a minimum, what content must all data packets contain?
recipient's address, sender's address, reassembling instructions, and data
________ provides a methodology whereby your browser can request that a program be executed (run) instead of just being delivered to the browser.