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chapter 7 part b

anaerobic metabolism

two stages:
uses substances other than O2 as final election acceptor in electron transport chain
produce ATP only via substrate-level phosphorylation


can't have O2


can have either O2 or none

ABE Fermentation

acetone-butanol-ethanol- bacterial fermentation from starch

primary metabolism

essential for cell structure and function

secondary metabolism

synthesis of secondary metabolites that are not necessary for cell structure and growth

secondary metabolites

unique to species or group
role in defense attraction, protection competition


antioxidants with intense flavors and smells; simple sugars, benzene rings


bitter tasting molecule for defense; contain N


intense smalls and colors; mostly C and H


ringed structures; chemical weapons, antibiotics
address specific targets, modify gene/protein splice

four categories of secondary metabolism

phenolics alkaloids terpenoids polyketidies


alkaloid, "tree of joy" potential anti tumor agent


class of terpenoids isolated from paid yew bark
treat breast tissue, ovarian, and lung cancer

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