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Civics the Constitution

constitution begins with the
-the rest is divided into 7 articles and 27 changes(amendments)
article 1
talks of the congress and legislative branch
article 2
all about the executive branch
article 3
all about juducial branch(courts)
article 4
relationship between states
article 5
amending the constitution
article 6
natinoal debts, suppremecy of national gov, and oaths of office
article 7
deals with the ratification of the constitution
6 principles the constitution is built on
-popular aoverinty
-limited gov(no one is above the rule of law)
-seperation of powers
-system of checks and balances
-judicial reveiw(idea that judicial branch reveiws laws that are passed to veiw them constitutional or not)
-federalism(division of power for states and federal gov)
ideas for gov from
-trail-by-jury, due process(magna carta)
-english common law
-english pholosifers
-popular soverignty
-limited gov
delegates divided the constitution into 3 powers
-enumerated powers( list of powers of what gov will do, responsibilities)
-reserved powers(reserved powers to the states by omision if not listed under enumerated powers)
-concurent powers(powers shared by national and state gov)
there are many .... in the constitution
-supermecy clause in article 6 sayingthat laws of national gov and the constitution is superior to any laws
washington's chair
ben said that the sun was rising not falling
what does the supreme court do
interpret laws
interpretation of the constitution
what did ben say about the constitution
"with all its fualts, contitution good as it could do"
the constitution is a
living document, cause it can change
what are the first ten amendments of the constitution
bill of rights