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Civics Final Exam Study Guide

The indirect method to elect the president.
The Electoral College
How many senators does it take to end a filibuster?
Be informed, right to a safe, to choose, be heard, and redress are examples of what?
5 consumer rights
What are the jobs of the US Marshals?
court police/ watch over US Senate
A pocket veto is __________________.
when the president doesn't touch the bill for 10 days.
A person who starts a new business and introduces a new product.
What is the Federal Reserve System?
The central bank or the bankers bank
Must be 35 years old, must live in US for 14 years & must be native born qualifies for what?
The President
What does a police officer need to obtain a search warrant?
a reason why
What is fiscal policy?
what make up expenditures
What is labor?
Labor is the human effort directed to producing goods
What is scarcity?
Is not having enough of something
What is consumer sovereignty?
consumer ruler of the market
The major policy making group of the FED Is what?
The necessary and proper clause is what?
probable clause
What are public goods?
things we get/ highways
The resources needed to produce goods is
natural, human, capital, entrepreneur
What group approves the presidential appointments?
the senate
Subpoena is _________________________________________________.
a document summmoning a witness to court
What is the role that the president is using when he greets foreign leaders?
Head of State
What is the job of an appeals court?
the people hear appeals courts only
What are the rights of the accused?
they can speak
The jurisdiction of the accused is what?
What case claimed the power of judicial review?
Marbury Vs. Madison
The Business Cycle .................................
The Circular Flow
What is the role the president is playing while commanding the military?
Commander in Chief?
What is the study of how we make decisions in the world?
In Brown vs. Board of Education. What was the amendment?
14th amendment
What does it mean when a committee pigeonholes a bill?
goes into a mailbox, stuck there/ ignore it
A line-item veto is .........................
the president rejects a veto
What's the most important role of the president
Chief Executive
Magistrates do what?
A magistrate is a small officer who gives out warrants.
What do financial institutions charge for loans?
Where do federal courts start the lawsuits & trials?
District Courts
What are the agencies and the employees of the executive branch called?
Federal Bureaucracy
Who manages the FED?
Board of Governors
Which amendment protects discrimination?
Who is the person in charge of the US Senate
Vice President
A crime .........................
someone breaking the law
A market economy .....................
individuals own the factors of production
Buying U.S. bonds is a way that the FED stimulates the economy?
Wants are.................
things that we would like to have but don't hold
Command Economy is ...........................
an economic system in which choices are mad by the gov't
What is a treaty?
A document between two gov'ts
Whate are standing committees?
1st legislative branch
The three questions dealing with scarcity are.....
What to produce, Who to produce it for & How much o it to produce
What are natural resources?
Oil, water, things we get from the native