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  1. inscrutable
  2. indolence
  3. inane
  4. buoyant
  5. haughty
  1. a
    lacking significance, meaning, or point; silly; insipid
  2. b
    capable of floating; cheerful
  3. c
    difficult to understand; mysterious
  4. d
    arrogant, excessively proud or vain
  5. e

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  1. to persuade with deliberate flattery, to coax, to wheedle

  2. to erase, to wear away
  3. to make better, to relieve, to improve
  4. incapable of error

  5. lasting a short period of time, fleeting

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  1. penitent
    showing or feeling regret for wrongdoing, repentant


  2. languidslow, sluggish, listless, weak


  3. opulence


  4. acrimonious
    caustic, marked by strong resentment or cynicism


  5. malice
    to erase, to wear away