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Permit Test Study Guide (MA)

Came straight from my driving school.
When leaving a driveway, what must you do?
Stop before the sidewalk.
When do most accidents occur?
On clear days.
When you see a man in the street with a white cane, what should you do?
Stop, he is blind.
What is the fundamental speed law?
Speed that is reasonable and proper for road conditions and public safety.
What is the most important factor for a defensive driver?
Anticipate all potentially dangerous situations.
Routes that run from North-South, are they even or odd numbered?
Odd- The highway number for 128 North-South is Rt.95.
If you begin to skid, what direction do you steer?
Steer into the skid.
Who has the R-O-W at an intersection?
The car on the right.
Who has the R-O-W at a rotary?
Cars going around the rotary.
How many lanes is the rotary?
One lane.
What is an intersection?
Any two roads that meet whether or not they cross.
Is passing on the right ever permitted?
What is a complete stop?
When you feel the set back of the car.
What must you do when you leave your car unattended?
Turn it off, set the brakes and lock it.
When parking uphill with a curb, which way do you turn the wheels?
Left, away from the curb. If the brakes fail, the right front tire will hit the curb and the car will stop.
When parking uphill with no curb, which way do you turn the wheels?
To the right, if the brakes fail the car will swing off the road.
When parking downhill with or without a curb, which way do you turn the wheels?
To the right, if the brakes fail the car will go into the curb or off the road.
How do you make a proper right turn at an intersection?
Keep close to the right while making the turn, leave yourself enough room to take the turn without going over the curb.
How do you make a left turn at an intersection?
Stay next to and to the right of center line.
What does a steady yellow light over a toll booth signify?
Lane will be closing soon.
What does a steady red light over a toll booth signify?
Lane is closed.
What does a steady green light over a toll booth signify?
Lane is open.
What is the active ingredient in beer, wine or whiskey that contributes to you getting drunk or buzzed?
Ethyl alcohol.
Does a driver have to signal his/her intent to turn?
Yes, 100 ft. from the intersection.
Is the driver required to stop at crosswalks even if he/she doesn't have a stop sign?
Yes, if there's a pedestrian, pedestrians always have the R-O-W.
What must you do if a horse appears frightened?
Stop the car and turn off the engine.
What must you do when approaching train tracks.
Slow down.
How many feet are you required to stop from a school bus with flashing red lights?
100 ft.
How long do you have to notify the police or registry of an accident in which a person was injured, killed or where there was property damage in access of $1000.00?
5 days.
A junior operator's license is issued to a person under what age?
How often do you need to have your car inspected?
Once a year.
What happens to your registration when you sell your car?
Registration ends.
How old do you have to be to obtain your learner's permit?
How old must you be to obtain your license with a D.E. cert.?
You're eligible for your license 6 months from the day you receive your learners permit. 18 without D.E.
What must you do to make your license and permit valid?
Sign it.
What class license are you going for?
Class D.
How long do you have to notify the registry of a change of address?
30 days.
If you miss your exit on the highway, what should you do?
Go to the next exit.
How should your safety belt be worn?
Snug over your hips.
How can you keep yourself and others safe in your car?
Wear safety belts.
What should you do if you have to stop on the highway?
Pull over to the right into the breakdown lane.
What does a flashing yellow light signify?
Slow down, proceed with caution.
A steady yellow light on a traffic beacon signifies?
Stop if possible.
What does a flashing red light signify?
Stop, proceed with caution.
What does a red and yellow light shown together signify?
Stop for pedestrians.
What equipment is necessary on a car?
Directionals, muffler, horn, windshield wipers, and a lock for the ignition.
How many sets of brakes are required?
2 sets- parking and emergency brakes.
What does a solid double line down the center of a roadway signify?
Neither side may cross unless entering or leaving a drive way.
What does a broken line down the center of a roadway signify?
Either side may pass with 400 ft. clearance.
What does a solid line next to a broken line signify?
You may pass if broken line is on your side and you have 400 ft. clearance.
What does a blue sign signify?
Motorist services.
What does a green sign signify?
What does a red sign signify?
Stop, do not enter, prohibited.
What does a black and white sign signify?
Traffic regulation.
What color is the license plate light?
What does a yellow sign signify?
General warning or caution.
When are you required to turn your lights on at night?
A half-hour after sunset until a half-hour before sunrise.
What lights are required when driving at night?
2 white in front, 2 red in back(one mounted on each side), 2 red brake lights, 1 red high mount brake light and a white license plate light.
At what ages must you be in an approved car seat?
0-5 yrs. old.
Everyone over what age must wear safety belts?
Over 5 yrs. old.
The speed limit in a school zone?
20 mph.
The speed limit in a thickly settled or business district?
30 mph.
A thickly settled or business district is?
A locality where buildings and houses are less than 200 ft. apart for 1/4 mile.
You must park how many feet from a corner?
20 ft.
You must park how many feet from a fire hydrant?
10 ft.
A spotlight may shine no more than how many feet above the ground and at what distance?
2 ft. above the ground at a distance of 30 ft.
How many feet must you keep from a fire?
800 ft.
You must keep how many feet from a fire truck or police car answering an alarm?
300 ft.
A stop sign is?
An octagon or 8 sided.
A railroad sign is?
Round with crossbuck.
A yield sign is?
An inverted triangle.
A school sign is?
A pentagon.
A do not pass sign is?
A pennant.
You have to park within how many inches of the curb?
You need to lower your high beams when the oncoming car is within how many feet of your car?
500 ft.
You must stop how many feet from the step of a trolley?
8 ft.
The speed limit out of a thickly settled or business district?
40 mph.
Hydroplaning occurs at how many miles per hour?
50 mph.