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  1. What event sparked the Great War?
  2. What did the Fourteen Points include?
  3. Who had a number of military interventions?
  4. Who was the Patriotic head of the Food Administration?
  5. What was the American commitment to oppose Germany if submarine warfare continued?
  1. a Herbert Hoover
  2. b The murder of Archduke Ferdinand.
  3. c Woodrow Wilson
  4. d Sussex Pledge
  5. e The League of Nations

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  1. Central Powers
  2. Armistice
  3. "He kept us out at war."
  4. The sinking of four American merchant ships
  5. David Lloyd George

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  1. Who was the American General during WWI?John J. Pershing


  2. What unreasonable demand did Britain and France make on the German's to pay the entire cost of the war?Reparation Payments


  3. Did the United States ever join the League of Nations?April 6, 1917


  4. What was the right to limit free speech during wartime?John J. Pershing


  5. How much did America's army increase in less than 2 years of war?10 fold