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  1. What did the Zimmerman telegram arouse?
  2. Who was "one of the most ruthless tyrannies in Mexican history"?
  3. What was the last event in America's move toward war?
  4. In what year did the United States enter the Great War?
  5. What clause in the peace treaty stated that Germany was responsible for the Great War?
  1. a American patriotism in the West against the Germans.
  2. b Victoriano Huerta
  3. c "War Guilt" clause
  4. d April 6, 1917
  5. e The sinking of four American merchant ships

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  1. Doughboy
  2. John J. Pershing
  3. 1) Selective Service Act
    2) Chateau-Thierry
    3) Armistice
    4) Treaty of Versailles
  4. Alvin C. York
  5. Submarine Warfare

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  1. What was the right to limit free speech during wartime?Schenk vs. United States


  2. Who was America's secretary of state before the Great War?Eddie Rickenbacker


  3. What did American Neutrality in the Great War mean?That the U.S. traded with both sides and gave loans to Allies to avoid collapse of American trade.


  4. What was included in the Treaty of Versailles?The self-determination plank from the Fourteen Points


  5. What was the name of the passenger liner that was sunk with American's on board?Lusitania