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  1. What was the American commitment to oppose Germany if submarine warfare continued?
  2. Did the United States ever join the League of Nations?
  3. What was the main provision of the Selective Service Act?
  4. Who was the Christian hero in WWI?
  5. What unreasonable demand did Britain and France make on the German's to pay the entire cost of the war?
  1. a Alvin C. York
  2. b No. They did not.
  3. c Sussex Pledge
  4. d Reparation Payments
  5. e The draft

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  1. Porfirio Diaz
  2. Allies
  3. Argonne
  4. Victoriano Huerta
  5. "He kept us out at war."

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  1. Wilson once promised:"The United States will never again seek one additional foot of territory by conquest."


  2. Who thought "the world must be made safe for democracy"?Eddie Rickenbacker


  3. Who was the German ruler who drew England into war?Wilhelm II


  4. What did the Zimmerman telegram arouse?It contained one of the most unreasonable demands in World History.


  5. What were German's permitted in the treaty of negotiations following the Great War?They were promised no part.