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  1. What 1916 campaign slogan did Wilson run under?
  2. Order of Events: (wars)
  3. Did the United States ever join the League of Nations?
  4. Who was "one of the most ruthless tyrannies in Mexican history"?
  5. Who had a number of military interventions?
  1. a 1) Austria declared war on Serbia
    2) Russia declared war on Austria
    3) Germany declared war on France
    4) Great Britain declared war on Germany
  2. b Victoriano Huerta
  3. c Woodrow Wilson
  4. d "He kept us out at war."
  5. e No. They did not.

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  1. Submarine Warfare
  2. "The United States will never again seek one additional foot of territory by conquest."
  3. Doughboy
  4. Eddie Rickenbacker
  5. The self-determination plank from the Fourteen Points

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  1. What event sparked the Great War?The murder of Archduke Ferdinand.


  2. What was the main provision of the Selective Service Act?Ban on criticism of the War Effort.


  3. What was the main provision of the Espionage and Sedition Acts?Ban on criticism of the War Effort.


  4. What was the right to limit free speech during wartime?Schenk vs. United States


  5. Who was the Mexican bandit who raided New Mexico?Pancho Villa