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  1. What famous phrase came from the Sckenk decision?
  2. Who was the American General during WWI?
  3. Who was America's secretary of state before the Great War?
  4. On what exact date did the German's sign a truce ending the Great War?
  5. Who was America's "Ace of Aces"?
  1. a William Jennings Bryan
  2. b Eddie Rickenbacker
  3. c "A clear and present danger"
  4. d John J. Pershing
  5. e November 11, 1918

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  1. The demands of the Flood Administration.
  2. "He kept us out at war."
  3. Herbert Hoover
  4. Zimmerman Telegram
  5. That the U.S. traded with both sides and gave loans to Allies to avoid collapse of American trade.

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  1. What was Germany's Schlieffen Plan?Armistice


  2. Wilson once promised:"The United States will never again seek one additional foot of territory by conquest."


  3. Order of Events: (wars)1) Selective Service Act
    2) Chateau-Thierry
    3) Armistice
    4) Treaty of Versailles


  4. What did the Zimmerman telegram arouse?The League of Nations


  5. What was the last event in America's move toward war?The sinking of four American merchant ships