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  1. What clause in the peace treaty stated that Germany was responsible for the Great War?
  2. What document believed that the United States should avoid all entanglement with Europe?
  3. What was the American halt of the German offensive?
  4. What was the German plot to give part of America to Mexico?
  5. Germany's invasion of what nation brought Great Britain into the Great War?
  1. a The Irreplaceable's
  2. b Chateau-Thierry
  3. c "War Guilt" clause
  4. d Belgium
  5. e Zimmerman Telegram

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  1. Henry Cabot Lodge
  2. The League of Nations
  3. Allies
  4. Doughboy
  5. April 6, 1917

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  1. What was the peacetime association of countries designed to prevent war?The draft


  2. Who was the Mexican Dictator from 1876-1911?Pancho Villa


  3. Who was the Patriotic head of the Food Administration?Alvin C. York


  4. Who was the American General during WWI?Alvin C. York


  5. Who had a number of military interventions?Alvin C. York


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