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  1. What was the German plot to give part of America to Mexico?
  2. What master politician from Great Britain went to Versailles with the pledge "we will squeeze them till the pips squeak"?
  3. What was the main provision of the Selective Service Act?
  4. What was the last event in America's move toward war?
  5. On what exact date did the German's sign a truce ending the Great War?
  1. a The draft
  2. b David Lloyd George
  3. c The sinking of four American merchant ships
  4. d November 11, 1918
  5. e Zimmerman Telegram

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  1. Eddie Rickenbacker
  2. The murder of Archduke Ferdinand.
  3. Wilhelm II
  4. Lusitania
  5. April 6, 1917

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  1. What was the American commitment to oppose Germany if submarine warfare continued?Sussex Pledge


  2. What was the American halt of the German offensive?John J. Pershing


  3. What was the main provision of the Espionage and Sedition Acts?Ban on criticism of the War Effort.


  4. Who was the senator who opposed the Treaty of Versailles?The self-determination plank from the Fourteen Points


  5. Who thought "the world must be made safe for democracy"?Eddie Rickenbacker