The Nation Grows and Prospers

Part B- EO4
Industrial Revolution
A gradual process by which machines replaced hand tools and new sources of power replace human power
interchangeable parts
Identical, machine-made parts for a finished product
Monroe Doctrine
Foreign policy statement warning European nations not to interfere with Latin America
A person who invests in a business in order to make a profit
Loyalty to a state or section rather than to the nation
The right to vote
nominating convention
A meeting at which a political party chooses a candidate
The idea that a state has the right to cancel a federal law
spoils system
Practice of rewarding supporters with government jobs
The use of insults to attack an opponent's reputation
Period of slow business activity, high prices, and low wages
corrupt bargain
Jackson's description of the election of 1824, when John Quincy Adams received the support of Henry Clay- and Henry Clay was appointed Secretary of State by John Quincy Adams
Nullification Act
An act passed by South Carolina declaring the "tariff of abominations" illegal
Indian Removal Act
Required Native American tribes to move from their Southeastern homelands to unsettled land west of the Mississippi River
Trail of Tears
Forced removal of Cherokee Indians from Georgia to area west of the Mississippi River
factory system
a new way of producing goods that brought workers and machinery together in one place to produce goods
The movement of population from farms to cities
Andrew Jackson
Felt he lost his first bid to be president due to the corrupt bargain.
John Quincy Adams
Chosen by the House of Representatives to be the winner of the election of 1824.
Henry Clay
Urged members of the House of Representatives to vote for John Quincy Adams in the election of 1824.
John C. Calhoun
Andrew Jackson's vice-president who resigned in order to support the idea of nullification
James Monroe
The last of the revolutionary presidents. Issued a long stand American foreign policy statement.
Eli Whitney
The inventor of interchangeable parts
Kitchen Cabinet
Andrew Jackson's unofficial presidential advisers.