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The Great Depression

Franklin Delano Roosevelt
This American president is most responsible for beginning the "welfare" programs that we now have in the United States
Fireside Chats
Radio broadcasts that helped increase FDR's popularity during the 1930s and 1940s
Dust Bowl
Dry, barren area caused by a terrible drought in the Great Plains during the Great Depression
Collective Bargaining
The process in which union officials represent the workers and negotiate with the management
Sit Down Strikes
Strategy used by unions that prevented scab workers from entering the assembly lines
Amazingly, many Americans did not realize that FDR was paralyzed by this disease until after his death in 1945
This political party gained African-American voters' support thanks to the efforts of FDR and his New Deal policies to help the poor during the Great Depression
Herbert Hoover
This American president was elected in 1928 and held on as America headed into the Great Stock Market Crash and the Great Depression
Alfred Smith
This Democrat lost in 1928 because he was the son of an immigrant, Catholic, against Prohibition, and most Americans felt the Republican Party was responsible for the prosperity of the Roaring Twenties
Nickname for the shantytowns of homeless people during the Great Depression
Bonus Army
Group of unemployed World War I veterans who marched on Washington in 1932
When someone invests money in the hope of making a profit
Black Tuesday
Nickname for the Great Stock Market Crash on October 29, 1929
Deficit Spending
When the government spends more money than it collects in taxes in an attempt to stimulate the economy
Huey Long
Louisiana senator who criticized FDR's New Deal programs; he believed in taxing the millionaires to "share the wealth"
Social Security
This program was created in 1935 to create a retirement plan for the elderly suffering during the Great Depression
Brain Trust
FDR's close advisors who helped develop the New Deal philosophy
Mary McCleod Bethune
This woman was the leader of the Office of Minority Affairs who worked with FDR to help achieve racial equality for African-Americans
Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation
This New Deal program insured everyone's savings deposits to help restore public confidence in the banking system
Agricultural Adjustment Act
This New Deal program paid farmers NOT to produce as much so prices would rise
Civilian Conservation Corps
This New Deal program provided jobs for single, 18-25 year- old unemployed men to plant trees and work on forest conservation projects
Works Progress Administration
This New Deal program gave Federal money to local governments to create jobs for the unemployed
National Recovery Administration
This New Deal program encouraged small businesses to cooperate with each other, not compete, by controlling wages and prices
Tennessee Valley Authority
This New Deal program was set up to create jobs and provide electricity and recreational areas attempting to raise the standard of living for citizens in a seven-state region during the Great Depression
Congress of Industrial Organizations
This organization was headed by John L. Lewis where all workers in the same industry (both skilled and unskilled) come together as one union