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Desktop Test 2

Chapters 2-4, 6 (4,6,5,8)
The branch of physics that studies sound is...
Sound pressure levels (loudness or volume) are measured in...
The process of adjusting the level of a number of tracks to bring them all up to about the same level is called...
When audio is measured in order to be digitally stored, the value of each measurement is rounded off to the nearest integer in a process called...
Reducing the number of seperate measurements of an audio file is called...
QuickTime Movie
The standard file format for displaying digitized motion video on the Macintosh is...
The most common file format for editing sound on the Macintosh is...
WAV (Wave Format)
The audio file format introduced by Microsoft and IBM with the introduction of Windows is the...
The process of playing a sound file while part of the file is still downloading is called...
Some software allows you to begin playing a downloading sound file as soon as enough of the sound is cached in your computer's...
The file format that uses a shorthand representation of musical notes and durations stored in numeric form is...
Spoken audio can easily be included.
Which of these statements regarding the MIDI audio format is NOT true?
The instruments are the same regardless of the playback source.
The primary benefit of the General MIDI over the previous MIDI specification is that:
"Clipping" of the signal occurs, causing distortion.
What happens when an audio signal exceeds the recording device's maximum recording level?
Beethoven's Ninth Symphony
As one story goes, the criterion used to set the length of sectors and ultimately the physical size of the compact disc format was based on the length of:
The process of recording a sound, stored in the form of thousands of individual measurements, each at a discrete point in time, is called:
440,000 bytes
The file size of a 5-second recording sampled at 22 kHz, 16-bit stereo (two tracks) would be about:
Which of the following sound files characteristics does not directly affect the size of the digital audio file?
Each individual measurement of a sound that is stored as digital information is called a:
Audio recorded at 44.1 kHz, 16-bit stereo is considered:
Removing blank space or "dead air" at the beginning or end of a recording is sometimes called:
Digital Signal Processing
DSP stands for:
Records and edits MIDI data.
Sequencing software:
Streaming latency.
The slower a user's connection, the longer he must wait for enough of the sound to download so that the entire file will have downloaded by the time the sound reached the end. This effect is called:
The standard's book jacket was red.
The Red Book standard was so named because:
Type sizes are usually expressed in:
Case sensitive
When a password must be entered in upper or lowercase in order to match the original password, it is said to be:
Symbolic representations of objects and processes common to the graphical user interfacesof many computer operating systems are called:
Character entity
Special HTML characters, always prefixed by an ampersand (escape) and followed by a semicolon, are called:
What you see is what you get:
Translating or designing multimedia (or any computer-based material) into a language other than the one in which it was originally written is called:
The little decoration at the end of a letter stroke is a:
White space
Designers call roomy blank areas:
____blends the colors along the edges of the letters (called dithering) to create a soft transition between the letter and its background.
Conceptual elements consisting of text, graphics, sounds, or related information in the knowledge base, are called:
A family of graphic characters that usually includes many type sizes and styles is called a :
Which of the following is a term that applies to the spacing between characters of text?
They found they could see the words used for variables and commands better.
Intercapping, the practice of placing a capital in the middle of a word, is a trend that emerged from the computer programming community because:
Cascading style sheets
Dynamic HTML uses_____to define choices ranging from line height to margin width to font face.
Try to substitute the font with a similar looking font.
If a DHTML document includes a font face that is not installed on the user's computer, a browser will:
The document path: "info/people/biotay/biotay1.html"
In the URL http://www.timestream.com/info/people/biotay/biotay1.html, which part is case sensitive?
The user has some control over what information is viewed and when it is viewed.
Multimedia becomes interactive multimedia when:
It includes a structure of lionked elements through which a user can navigate and interact.
Interactive multimedia becomes hypermedia when:
American Standard Code for Information Interchange.
Web pages are coded using:
Which of the following provides a system for dramatically displaying a font?
A printed page might be presented in which of these orientations?
Which of the following is a character encoding system?
The reference from one document to another document, image, sound, or file on the Web is a(n):
Which of the following is a typical method for word searching in a hypermedia system?
Which of the following is a problem that might apply to hypermedia?
Real estate
The working area of a computer monitor is sometimes called:
Bit maps
The type of image used for photo-realistic images and for complex drawings requiring fine details is the...
Vector drawn
The type of image used for lines, boxes, circles, polygons, and other graphic shapes that can be mathematically expressed in angles, coordinates, and distances is the...
The picture elements that make up a bitmap are called...
_____allows you to smoothly blend two images so that one image seems to melt into the next.
The process that computes the bounds of the shapes of colors within a bitmap image and then derives the polygon object that describes that image is called...
____is when the computer uses intricate algorithms to apply the effects you have specified on the objects you have created for a final 3-D image.
QuickTime VR
_____provides a method for viewing a single surrounding image as if you were "inside" the picture and able to look up or down, turn, or zoom in on features.
CLUT (Color Lookup Table)
The collection of color values held in a color lookup table is...
____is a process whereby the color value of each pixel is changed to the closest maching color value in the target palette, using a mathematical algorithm.
All the above.
What is the best way to start creating you project's interface?
Which file type is best for photographs?
A 16-bit image is capable of representing how many different colors?
Vector-drawn objects are used for all of the following EXCEPT?
The number of units you can distribute without paying more.
"Unlimited use" of stock photography may actually impose a limitation on:
Name the area of memory where data such as text and images is temporarily stored when you cut or copy within an application:
Image-editing programs
Perhaps the single most signnificant advance in computer image processing during the late 1980's was the development of:
It appears darker and richer even though the values have not changed.
When an image created on a Macintosh is viewed on a PC:
They can be printed any size.
Grpahic artists designing for print media use vector-drawn objects because:
The 3-D process of extending a place surface some distance, either perpendicular to the shape's outline or along a defined path, is called:
8 bits of color information per pixel in a matrix of 640 pixels across and 480 pixels down.
The VGA stands for:
Which of these is the correct HTML representation of magenta (red+blue)?
Which of the following is NOT a color specification format?
Which of the following is NOT a native Windows graphics file format?
Tagged Interchange File Format
TIFF stands for?
RAID (Redundent Array of Independent Disks)
A hard-disk system that will support high-speed data transfer rates is called a...
NTSC (National Television Standards Committee)
The television signal format used in the US, Japan, and many other countries is known as...
TV screens use a process of building a single frame from two fields to help prevent flicker on TV screens in a technique called...
Safe title area
When creating graphics for conversion to video, do not place any critical information such as text in the outside 15% of the image. Instead keep it within the...
The technique in which playback of a video starts as soon as enough data has transferred to the user's computer to sustain this playback is called...
SECAM (Sequential Color and Memory)
The TV signal format used in France, Russia, and a few other countries is known as...
The digital video and audio compression schemes that compress a video for delivery and then decode it during playback are called...
QuickTime movies being prepared for a CD or website should be processed do that the audio and video segments are interleaved together and all of the information is in one data file. This is called...
Seek time
The length of time it takes the CD-ROM player to locate specific data on the CD-ROM disc is called...
The codec that is within both AVI and QuickTime and is optimized for CD-ROM playback is...
Charge-coupled device
In a video camera, the sensor that picks up light is called a CCD. CCD stands for:
A computer's output on the monitor is calibrated to display an image:
Removing a residual magnetic field that distorts the colors on a television screen is called:
Composite video
A video signal transmitted with all the signals mixed together and carried on a single cable is called:
Which of the following is NOT a TV signal format?
Computer monitors draw the lines of an entire frame in a single pass; this technique is called:
The video technique that allows you to choose a color or range of colors that become transparent, allowing the video image to be visable behind those colors in the overlying image, is known by all of the following EXCEPT:
Which of the following is a videotape format?
Color-bling individuals cannot see them correctly
Red or green should be avoided as cue colors because:
If you use underlying or drawn graphics, make sure your lines are only one pixel wide.
Which of the following is NOT a good idea when creating titles (text) to be used in video?
Never remove the break-off tab on the back of your original video cassettes; doing so renders the tape unusable with some decks.
Which of the following is NOT a recommendation for caring for videotapes?
Which of the following is NOT a codec?
A digital file is compressed with a lossy codec.
Generation loss occurs when:
Moving Picture Experts Group
MPEG stands for:
Use a large video window and a high frame rate.
Which of the following is NOT recommended for optimal video playback from CD-ROM?
<IMG> tag
The tag used for inline images is the:
<OBJECT> tag
The tag used for multimedia objects is the:
<FONT> tag
The tag used to specify the typeface is the:
Microsoft supports font-embedding capabilities in web pages through its:
Tags no longer in the most current version of the HTML standard but still recognized by browsers have been:
<TABLE> tag
Perhaps the most powerful feature of HTML may be found in the:
VLINK attribute
The color of a visited link text is defined in the:
A new "open" format that was developed to replace GIF without requiring licensing fees is the:
The tag that defines hot spots on an image and the links associated with the hot spots is the:
The image specification that allows for both transparency and animation in a browser without a plug-in is:
Text document with embedded graphics
The World Wide Web was originally designed to deliver:
Not used by a significant number of users.
The VGA standard of a 640x480-pixel monitor showing 256 colors is:
Create bitmap image of the text.
Which one of these is the only way to ensure that text appears exactly the same across platforms?
One of the most important tags, useful creating columns of information, is:
It was developed by Microsoft in 1982
Which on of these statements about the GIF image specification is false?
The tag that includes attributes for text and link color is:
Which one of these is not an attribute of the <BODY> tag?
You make a graphic image "clickable" by including the image inside which tag?
Common Gateway Interface
CGI stands for:
Which one of these is not an image format supported by most browsers without a plug-in?
The compression level to be used
When you change an image's mode to Indexed Color, which of these is not a specification that must be chosen?
How many colors are in the Netscape Navigator color palette?
Tile the background image to fill the window
When a background image is smaller than the browser window, the browser will:
All of the above
The <AREA> tag within a <MAP> tag defines the shape of a hot spot as a:
A plug-in
When the browser downloads a file it cannot process itself, it can forward the file to an external application for processing. This external application is sometimes called:
The predecessor to the internet, created by the Advance Research Projects Agency, was known as the:
A cluster of computers tied together to share files and communications is a:
When a stream of data is sent over the Internet, it is first broken down into packets by the:
IP Address
The set of four numbers separated by periods that points to a domain is an:
ISP (Internet Service Provider)
PPP software is typically used to dial up to an:
How much data, expressed in bits per second (bps), you can send from one computer to another in a given amount of time is called:
Each internet service is implemented on an Internet server by dedicated software known as a:
Domain Name System
DNS stands for:
A period
The levels of a domain name are separated by:
Which of these is not a top-level domain?
Which of the following is an IP Address?
Transmission Control Protocol (TCP)
When a stream of data is sent over the Internet by your computer, it is first broken down into packets by the:
Perhaps the most widely installed HTTP software for managing web pages is the open source application called:
Web pages are written in:
It allows you to create your own tags for data
One of the greatest benefits of XML is that:
Domain name
An IP Address can be exchanged with a:
Hypertext Transfer Protocol
HTTP stands for: