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  1. River flows from Himalayas, valley was location of India's first civilization, (now Pakistan) flooded, silt, good farmland
  2. New group from Caspian Sea after the Harappans, nomads, Lived in small communities, fought each other, no strong central government
  3. Two cities on Indus River of early Indian civilization, well planned, fortresses, public wells
  4. Fortress, used in Mohenjo Daro to protect city from invaders
  5. Mountains in weatern India, protected them from invaders

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  1. NomadsReligious writings by Ayan priests, poems, hymns, myths, rituals that help us learn about Aryan society, memorized


  2. Harappan CivilizationCivilization in the Indus River Valley and by Sarasvati River, possibly strong central government, lived in cities


  3. India's climateHot and humid


  4. SanskritThe most important language of ancient India, Language of Aryan poems and hymns, first just spoken, then written, no longer spoken today


  5. HimalayasHighest mountains in the world, in northern India


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