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late 19th - early 20th Century

John Dewey

Spread Philosiphy and ethics of morality. Father of Education

Eugene V. Debs

Socialist, American Labor Trials, ran for congress

Mother Jones

Labor leader- Industrial Workers of The World, supported mine workers

Frances Willard

Women's suffrage movement, Prohibition

Carrie Nation

Women's Christian Temperance Union, Used a Hatchet

John Muir

National Parks, Forests, Sierra Club. Educated himself

Gifford Pinchot

Forester who supported TR. Yale> London> France

Henry George

"Single Tax", Solve poverty issue

Frederick Taylor

Law student who lost his sight> Mechanic, "shop management" to improve society and economy

Hiram Johnson

Lawyer from UC Berkley, Trust Buster, Public Utilities Act

Sam Jones

Oil worker at 18, business = corrupt, Golden rule, Utopian

Ida Tarbell

Journalist who exposed corruption of big business, broke up Standard Oil

Ray Baker

Expose unjust actions from trusts, Muckracker, wanted to write Great American Novel

W.E.B Dubois

Black Civil Rights activist from North, Harvard PHD. Opposed Booker T

Booker T. Washington

Wanted blacks to be self-sufficient, founded Tuskegee Institute

Ida B. Wells

Stop the lynching of blacks. Journalist, end racial violence. Afro-American League, Afro-Suffrage Club

Upton Sinclair

Wanted to expose gov & biz corruption by showing poor working conditions at meat-packing plant in The Jungle. People focused on insanitary foods. Food and Drug Act.

Lincoln Steffens

Muckracker reporter, corrupt alliance between gov & trusts

Margaret Sanger

Birth control to stop poverty, help family happiness

Seth Lowe

Progressive mayor of NY, broke boss Tweed & Tammany Hall. Education, Booker T chose him as chairman

Jane Addams

Hull House in Chicago, City Life, Child Care

Florence Kelly

Socialist, women's welfare, National Consumer's League

Jacob Riis

Social photographer of poor in NYC

Carrie Chapman Catt

Women's suffrage advocated giving women vote so they could keep being housewives- felt women needed a voice

Alice Paul

Women's suffrage, NAWSA, Quaker, Congress needs to spend more

Margaret Sanger

First Birth control clinic in Brooklyn for married families. American Birth Control League (Planned Parenthood)

Lillian Wald

NYC Henry Street Settlement. Visiting Nurse Service

American Protective Association

Anti foreign organization, anti-catholic, anti-immigrant

Mary Baker Eddy

Founder of Christian Science Church

Morrill Act

Land grants to states for universities

Hatch Act

Agricultural research at land-grant colleges

Thomas Gallaudet

School for deaf

Charles Sanders Peirce

Metaphysical club, Mathematician & logician

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