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Business Communication

When you prepare a business message or oral presentation, you should be certain that your writing is audience-oriented, purposeful, and


When preparing a business message, you should make your writing audience-oriented. Audience-oriented means you should

concentrate on looking at the problem from the receiver's perspective.

Business writing should be purposeful. In this context, purposeful can best be defined as

solving problems and conveying information

Business writing should be economical. In this context, economical can best be defined as

presenting ideas clearly and concisely

Which of the following statements about business writing is accurate?

Business writers have a definite purpose to fulfill in each message.

Three parts of the writing process are

prewriting, writing, and revising

During the writing stage of the writing process, you write the message and

research the information and organize the message

The first phase of the writing process involves

analyzing the audience for and the purpose of the message

Experts say that writers should spend the most time in the ____ stage of the writing process


In the final stage of the writing process, check the message for clarity and readability, proofread for errors, and

evaluate for effectiveness

The primary purpose of business writing is to inform or persuade; the secondary purpose is to

promote goodwill

Before organizing and writing your message, you should ask two questions: (1) Why am I sending this message? and (2

What do I hope to achieve with this message?

Elena must determine the channel for an important business message. In this context, channel refers to the

medium through which the message is sent

As technology and competition accelerate the pace of business, companies increasingly choose communication channels that are

fast cheap and easy

Human Resources Manager Tom Huffcutt must inform Rashid that company job changes require him to seek retraining or lose his position. The best channel for Mr. Huffcutt to deliver this message is

face-to-face communication

Chelsea usually holds team meetings on Tuesday mornings, but she needs to reschedule next week's meeting to Wednesday morning. To tell team members that the date of the next meeting has been changed, Chelsea should

send an e-mail

Duncan is writing property descriptions for a new real estate brochure. To make his brochure more effective, Duncan should anticipate his audience. This means he

considers what the reader is like and how the reader will react to the message

Profiling the audience for a business message helps the writer

identify the appropriate tone, language, and channel.

One technique that improves business writing is the use of empathy. Empathy refers to

putting yourself in the receiver's shoes to adapt the message to the receiver's needs.

Heather must inform Matt that he is not eligible to have an August vacation for which he recently applied. Which of the following sentences best demonstrates the "you" view Heather should use in denying Matt's application?

Although the August schedule is full, you may qualify for a vacation in September if you apply now

Create a conversational tone in letters, e-mail messages, and memos by

using familiar words, occasional contractions, and pronouns such as I and you

Marketing Director Rabinowitz will inform his board of directors that a competitor disapproves of CompUser's Paris Hilton ads. Which of the following is the most appropriate announcement?

I have received criticism on the new Paris Hilton ad from our competitors at Tech Solutions

As employees conduct more business using instant messaging, they should send messages that are informal, conversational, and


Which of the following represents the best business writing?

You can return all resalable merchandise for a full refund

Which of the following is most acceptable for business writing?

All physicians must carry their own malpractice insurance.

Business writers are encouraged to use plain English, which means

using active-voice verbs, personal pronouns, short sentences, and familiar words

Dane is writing an article for the company's electronic bulletin board to encourage managers to use plain English. Which of these sentences uses an appropriate business style to express Dane's point?

Employees will respond better to your memos written with familiar language and a friendly, conversational style.

Business writers who use words such as compensate, remuneration, and terminate are using language many readers would consider


Technology provides powerful writing tools that help today's business communicator

all choices are correct

Which of the following is an example of inclusive language?

The conference will include special excursions for the wives of executives

Which statement is stated using the audience benefit of the "you" view?

For your benefit, you are able to sign up for local cable at reduced rates until March 2

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