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BC Chapter 4 Quiz

Business Communication
To be successful in the business world, you must be able to create messages and presentations that are
all are correct
Monica lost a promotion due to poor writing skills. Which phase of the writing process should she most focus on to demonstrate better writing skills?
revising and proofreading
Good business writing is concise. Concise means that the writing
avoids the use of redundant phrases
Due to the fact that is a flabby phrase that could be written more concisely as
In the near future is a flabby expression that could be written more concisely as
I am writing this letter to inform you that is an example of
a long lead-in
It is important to avoid long lead-ins because
the reader is delayed from reaching the meaning of the sentence.
Which of the following sentences is most effective?
your account is now up-to-date
Which of the following is a redundant expression?
all are correct
Katelyn is writing a letter to thank a potential employer for her job interview. Which of these sentences contains modern expressions Katelyn should use?
I am confident that my education has prepared me well for the medical technician position.
The dangers of using slang in business writing include
all answers are correct
Which of the following sentences avoids clichés?
Please encourage your department members to join the health club