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torture: infliction of extreme physical pain or suffering. Intentioal and non-consenting and defenseless victim. Substantial curtailment of the exercise of the victim's autonomy. Purpose of breaking the victim's will and to submit.

Bill Clinton: Make scenario: president can find a way to make it happen if someone has information that we need to know htat may hurt America.
Hilary Clinton: Don't go down path like Bill. Bill agrees American policy to avoid torture- always counterproductive, can hurt the rest of the world, make own people vulnerable.
If you have policy that legitimizes it-slippery slope. We have to be uncompromising against torture. More he thinks about it- don't have a formal exception. Be prepared to live witht he consequences.

Jack Bauer and 24: Contradictions in Bill Clinton's statement- originally said there is an exception. Should be ironclad policy against torture, then if you are with a terrorist- do what you can.

Debate between Romney and McCain:
Romney: oppose torture- don't describe specifics.
McCain: waterboarding- not going to torture people
Romney- did not say he was in favor of torture- won't specify specific means. had talked to former generals- inappropriate to lav out actions
McCain: sees torture as violation of basic human rights of an individual
Readings: McCain and Mayfield reading- notice identity politics. What we should and shouldn't do. Because we are US, we protect liberties and rights. US stands for certain iron clad values that cannot be compromised.
Romney: stakes position against torture but won't define it. Enemies can use it to their advantage. If it works- should still be applied. He wants as much flexibility as possible.