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  1. Adenine and Guanine
  2. The human body contains about 50,000 different kind of __________ which are made of amino acids
  3. In a DNA strand, the sides or the backbone of the "ladder" are made of ________
  4. The "factory" where the protein is created is the _____
  5. Each group of three bases codes for ___ amino acid
  1. a Proteins
  2. b one
  3. c Purines
  4. d alternating sugar and phosphate molecules
  5. e Ribosome

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  1. Ribosome
  2. Skin
  3. Watson and Crick
  4. 20
  5. Nucleotides

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  1. What would the complement ary strand of DNA be for the sequence of bases: CGA TCG GAT TAC _________GCT AGC CTA ATG


  2. The complementary strand to the DNA sequence ACT TCG is _________TGA AGC


  3. True or False - tRNA delivers amino acids to the nucleusFalse


  4. An original base sequence of DNA, AAA CCC GGG changes to AAA CAC CGGG. This is known as a(n) _____________deletion


  5. The images that Rosalind Franklin created suggested that DNA has a(n) ______ shapeSpiral