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  1. A strand of DNA is a long string of ________
  2. can repair mutated genes
  3. In a DNA strand, there are four different types of _____ a.k.a., the rungs of the "ladder"
  4. How many amino acids are present in a protein that requires 6,000 bases in its code? ____
  5. The "factory" through which the "protein assembly line" or mRNA is fed is the _________
  1. a Ribosome
  2. b enzymes
  3. c 2,000
  4. d Nucleotides
  5. e Nitrogen or nucleotide bases

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  1. insertion
  3. X-ray defraction
  4. TGA AGC
  5. False

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  1. Chargaff's rules are represented _________Nucleotides


  2. If a change occurs in a base sequence of a DNA codon, it might cause a different __________ to be substituted in a proteinAmino acid


  3. where is DNA foundnucleus


  4. An original base sequence of DNA, AAA CCC GGG changes to AAA CCG GG. This is known as a(n) __________________deletion


  5. human body contains 50,000 _____proteins (made of amino acids)