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  1. If a change occurs in a base sequence of a DNA codon, it might cause a different __________ to be substituted in a protein
  2. The images that Rosalind Franklin created suggested that DNA has a(n) ______ shape
  3. Adenine and Guanine
  4. Ultraviolet radiation from the sun is known to cause mutations in ______ cells that can lead to cancer, which is why you should wear sunscreen in the summertime
  5. When one base replaces another base in a codon, the mutation is known as a _____________
  1. a Skin
  2. b Spiral
  3. c Purines
  4. d substitution
  5. e Amino acid

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  1. substitution
    deletion (changes sequence/leads to diff. amino acid)
    insertion (changes sequence/leads to diff. amino acid)
  2. recessive
  3. Nucleotides
  4. 3 / codon
  5. DNA

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  1. The human body contains about 50,000 different kind of __________ which are made of amino acidsproteins (made of amino acids)


  2. True or False - tRNA delivers amino acids to the nucleusFalse


  3. Each group of three bases codes for ___ amino acidNucleotides


  4. In a DNA molecule, which base pairs with thymine?adenine


  5. The "factory" where the protein is created is the _____Ribosome