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  1. splits down the middle where 2 bases meet; bases on each side used as pattern for new complementary side
  2. An original base sequence of DNA, AAA CCC GGG changes to AAA CAC CGGG. This is known as a(n) _____________
  3. a set of instructions for each trait, instructions on how to make a protein and a portion of a strand of DNA; a string of bases; made of amino acids
  4. Each group of three bases codes for ___ amino acid
  5. In a DNA strand, there are four different types of _____ a.k.a., the rungs of the "ladder"
  1. a happens when a DNA molecule splits to make a copy of itself
  2. b insertion
  3. c Nitrogen or nucleotide bases
  4. d one
  5. e Gene

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  1. adenine
  2. proteins (made of amino acids)
  3. Four (4)
  4. X-ray defraction
  5. Ribosome

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  1. Chargaff's rules are represented _________A=T C=G


  2. A mutation in DNA could result innucleus


  3. If a sample of DNA has 20% cytosine, what % guanine would there beNucleotides


  4. The code for amino acid consists of _______ base(s) also called a ______Four (4)


  5. An original base sequence of DNA, AAA CCC GGG changes to AAA CCG GG. This is known as a(n) __________________insertion