10 terms

American civics ch4 voc

The traditions passed down to us from generation to generation.
ex. Chiang Kai-shek's presidency passed down to his son, Chiang Chin-kuo.
A group of people chosen to make the laws.
ex. Chaing Kai-shek and his office made the legislation regarding how the laws were to be enacted in Taiwan
A document giving permission to create a government.
ex. Sun Yat-sen was the first democratic person who created the charter of KMT.
The abuse of power.
ex. Even after Kim Jong-il's death, his son "Kim Jong-un", succeeded his father and is still having tyranny.
Direct democracy
A form of government in which laws are made directly by the citizens.
ex. Japan started the direct democracy in 1948.
A government in which representatives were elected to make laws.
ex. George W. Bush was the republican president.
Natural rights
Rights that are born and that no government can take away.
ex. The person who created the natural rights was John Locke.
Separation of powers
Dividing government power among legislative, executive, and judicial branches.
ex. Separation between the judges and the government is an example of separation of powers.
A written agreement to make and obey laws for the welfare of the group.
ex. State Constitution and Articles of Confederation are examples of compact.
ex. They had to ratify the Articles of Confederation, or they would lose the war.