36 terms

EKG Certification Exam

What does the P wave represent?
atrial contraction
Define: Repolarization
when the heart recovers electronically
Define: Depolarization
contraction of cardiac cells
What does the QRS wave represent?
ventricular contraction
What does the T wave represent?
ventricular relaxation
Which wave only occurs occasionally in some patients?
the U wave
What does the vertical line on the EKG represent?
What does the horizontal line on the EKG represent?
What is a baseline?
the flat line that separates the various waves
What is one box equal to?
.04 sec
What are 5 large squares equal to?
.2 sec
What does BPM stand for?
beats per minute
What is electrolyte?
substance used to conduct current better
What forms does electrolyte come in?
gels, lotions, pastes, adhesive pads
Why is electrolyte necessary?
because the skin is a poor conductor of electricity
What are electrodes?
sensors that detect electrical impulses on the body surface
What are electrodes made of?
metal or other conductive material
What are lead wires?
the wires that connect the sensors to the machine
How can older electrocardiograph machines be adapted or converted to operate with the current self-adhesive electrodes?
order a set of alligator clips from the manufacturer
How many sensors are on a standard EKG?
How many leads do the sensors record?
What are the sensors recording?
the electrical activity of the heart
What are the four limb leads?
right arm, left arm, right leg, left leg
Which limb lead is called the "ground" or "reference electrode"?
right leg
Where on the limbs are the sensors placed?
fleshy, non-muscular portion of upper arms and lower legs
Lead I records the electrical activity between the...
right arm and left arm
Lead II records the electrical activity between the...
right arm and left leg
Lead III records electrical activity between the...
left arm and left leg
Which lead portrays the heartbeat better than other leads and what is it referred to as?
lead II and called rhythm strip
The first 3 leads are also know as what type of lead?
Leads IV, V, VI are designated as what leads?
aVr, aVl, aVf
These augmented leads are also known as what?
Lead aVr records activity from?
right arm, right leg
Lead aVl records activity from?
left arm, left leg
Lead aVf records activity from?
What does aVr, aVl, aVf stand for?
augmented voltage right, left and foot