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Spalding Rules

Rule 4
vowels a,e,o,u usually say a,e,o, u at the end of a syllable as in na vy
Rule 18
We often use ay to say a at the endo of a base word
Rule 17
We often double l,f, and s following a single vowel at the end o a one syllable word. (will, off) While reading the word for spelling students say the extra consonant
Rule 29
Words usually divided between consonants
Rule 19
vowels i and o may say i or o if follwed by two consonants (old, find)
Rule 6
The letter y not i is used at the end of an English word
Rule 25
The phonogram ck may be used only after a single vowel
Rule 29
Double consonant
Rule 20
The s never follows X
Rule 5
The letters y not i
Rule 24
When ading an ending to a word that ends with a consonant and y use i instead of y unless the ending is -ing
Rule 22
Till and full becomes til and ful at the end of the word
Rule 11
Words ending with a silent e (come) are written without the e when adding an ending that begins with a vowel