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  1. Scrapie
  2. Psuedorabies "Mad Itch"
  3. Listeriosis
  4. Encephalititc IBR (BHV1.3)
  5. Rabies
  1. a Treatment & Control
    some recover, most die
    eliminate exposure if ruminants to swine
    vaccination of swine
  2. b Fresh brain tissue required immunofleurescense of tissue allows for detection of anitgen/antibody reaction
  3. c This affects the CNS of calves producing a meningeoncephalitis
  4. d Has a strong resistance to conventional cleaning & disinfection protocols
  5. e Bacteria: Listeria monocytogenes

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  1. Spoiled silage favors multiplication of organism
  2. endemic in Canada US Western Europe
    not seen in UK Australia & New Zealand
  3. associated with high sulfer intake & Thiamin(vitamin B) Deficeincy
  4. Bovine spongiform encephalopathy in sheep
  5. Treatment
    ~When detected prior to necrosis of brain neurons, the disease responds well to thiamine admins.
    ~Treat atleast 3 days even if no improvement
    ~Recovery may take up to 7 days
    ~Supportive Care..Clean dry bedding adequate padding for recumbent animals

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  1. Scrapie_____ is a disease related to mad cow disease


  2. Listeriosis_____ is a disease related to mad cow disease


  3. Psuedorabiesdermal abrasions, pruritis at site of virus innoculation


  4. ScrapieInvokes no inflammatory response


  5. ListeriosisClinical signs(related to encephalitis)
    anorexia, depression, disorientation
    circling, facial paralysis on affected side