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  1. Psuedorabies "Mad Itch"
  2. Listeriosis
  3. Rabies
  1. a fresh brain tissue required
    immunofleurescense of tissue allows for detection of antigen/antibody reaction
  2. b encephalitis
  3. c Transmission via...
    inhalation of droplets
    fecal oral route
    contaminated fomites

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  1. vaccine in edemic areas
  2. Bacteria, found in soil, water and plants, high risk to pregnant women
  3. most common cause in excessive thiamine consumption through plants
  4. What gram positive bacteria has a clinical sign involving a recumbant animal paddling it's legs?
  5. This affects the CNS of calves producing a meningeoncephalitis

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  1. Listeriosis**Has a Zoonotic potential


  2. Psuedorabiesprimary host is pig


  3. RabiesTreatment & Control
    no treatment
    identify & eliminate affected animals
    eliminate flock mates of affected animals


  4. Encephalitic IBRSupportive treatment only
    close serologic relationship btwn strains of BHV1.1 may be protective


  5. Polioencephalomalaciacalves <6wks old most susceptible


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