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  1. Scrapie
  2. Rabies
  3. Psuedorabies "Mad Itch"
  4. Encephalitic IBR
  1. a Treatment & Control
    no treatment
    identify & eliminate affected animals
    eliminate flock mates of affected animals
  2. b Supportive treatment only
    close serologic relationship btwn strains of BHV1.1 may be protective
  3. c Treatment & Control
    some recover, most die
    eliminate exposure if ruminants to swine
    vaccination of swine
  4. d Fatal neurologic disease
    affects all mammals
    virus has high affinity for neural tissues

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  1. Invokes no inflammatory response
  2. vaccine in edemic areas
  3. may be asymptomatic
  4. localizes in intestinal walls, placenta and brain
  5. share common antigens of IBR1

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  1. ScrapieRhabdo virus


  2. Encephalititc IBR (BHV1.3)Associated with...
    mass weaning of calves when time to acquire IBR is waning


  3. Listeriosisencephalitis


  4. Polioencephalomalaciacalves <6wks old most susceptible


  5. Encephalitic IBR (BHV 1.3)BHV1
    subtype 1.3