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  1. Scrapie
  2. Listeriosis
  3. Rabies
  1. a **Has a Zoonotic potential
  2. b Bovine spongiform encephalopathy in sheep
  3. c vaccine in edemic areas

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  1. fresh brain tissue required
    immunofleurescense of tissue allows for detection of antigen/antibody reaction
  2. Transmission via...
    inhalation of droplets
    fecal oral route
    contaminated fomites
  3. Treatment
    ~When detected prior to necrosis of brain neurons, the disease responds well to thiamine admins.
    ~Treat atleast 3 days even if no improvement
    ~Recovery may take up to 7 days
    ~Supportive Care..Clean dry bedding adequate padding for recumbent animals
  4. endemic in Canada US Western Europe
    not seen in UK Australia & New Zealand
  5. BHV1
    subtype 1.3

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  1. Listeriosisa fatal disease of sheep characterized by chronic itching and loss of muscular control and progressive degeneration of the central nervous system


  2. Scrapievaccine in edemic areas


  3. Encephalititc IBR (BHV1.3)Associated with...
    mass weaning of calves when time to acquire IBR is waning


  4. ListeriosisClinical Signs
    Incubation 1-7yrs
    behavioral changes
    blindness, nystagmus(constant movement of eye)
    pruritis of rump & flank
    death after period of illness 6w-1yr


  5. ListeriosisAbortion at last trimester, still birth, neonatal deaths