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According to the COSO definition, internal controls should address which of the following areas (1.) Effectiveness and efficiency of operations, (2.) Reliability of financial reporting, (3.) Compliance with applicable laws and regulations.
1, 2, and 3
Insufficient cash is an example of ______risk in brown's taxonomy.
Making operations as efficient as possible is:
A basic purpose of internal control
Which of the following internal controls is most likely to prevent an employee from stealing cash?
Separation of duties
Which of the following is the best example of a corrective internal control if an employee steals cash?
Insurance against theft
Processes like separation of duties and internal audits are most closely associated with which element of the COSO internal control framework?
Control activities
Which of the following internal controls is a form of risk sharing?
Which of the following best describes the relationship between the two COSO frameworks discussed in the text?
The enterprise risk management framework is more comprehensive than the internal control framework.
If a company has good segregation of duties, it does not need: 1 pre-numbered documents, 2 internal audits.
Neither 1 nor 2
A strong firewall eliminates the need for: 1 data encryption, 2 virus protection
Neither 1 nor 2
Which type of flowchart gives the user a big picture look?
Which type of coding system helps users remember the meaning of the code?
In an accounting information system, inputs often come in the form of:
Source documents
Internal controls such as ____ help promote information reliability in the accounting information system.
Bank reconciliations
System outputs in an AIS include the general-purpose financial statements, variance analysis reports and:
Schedules of accounts receivable and accounts payable
Documents in an accounting information system are:
Either paper-based or electronic
Which of the following best demonstrates the relationship between accounting information systems and other areas of accounting?
Virtually all areas of accounting involve inputs, processes, outputs, storage and internal controls.
A typical accounting information system comprises ___ parts
Recently, Bumble Beasley was researching information published in 1985. Which of the following topics would he most likely consider "non-current" in his research?
Computer security techniques
An author's identity and background are most closely related to which element of information competence?
Which of the following is a fact about accounting information systems?
They involve interrelated parts
The web site for Dell Computers is an example of ___ information.
The study of accounting information systems incorporates knowledge from:
Management, finance and information systems
Human judgment is least important in:
Closing entries
Which type of coding system helps users remember the meaning of the code?
Which of the following steps in the accounting cycle occurs first?
Analyze transactions.
A company's adjusting entry for prepaid insurance debited insurance expense for $600. If the policy had a six-month duration, how much did it cost originally?
Cannot be determined from the information given
Which of the following accounting cycle steps is most impacted by information technology?
Posting transactions to the ledger
Which of the following best explains one of the four basic purposes of internal control?
Promoting confidence in financial statements
A foreign company wants to trade its capital stock in the United States. The company hires a consultant with expertise in SOX in response to which form of risk?
Legal and regulatory
Which of the following did Brown identify as forms of operational risk: (i) systems risk, (ii) human error risk, (iii) directors' and officers' liability.
i and ii only
In fulfilling the four purposes of internal control, managers should ensure that:
Costs are less than benefits
Among other things, internal controls should promote conformity with:
Management instructions
The text presented three definitions of internal control. Which of the following statements about them is most true?
None of the three provides absolute assurance that a company has eliminated risk
Processes like separation of duties and internal audits are most closely associated with which element of the COSO internal control framework?
Control activities
Internal Control: Integrated Framework includes all of the following except:
Control assessment
The text identified four basic purposes of internal control and several examples of specific controls. Which of the following demonstrates the strongest relationship between them?
Safeguarding assets, separation of duties
Documents in a flowchart should have: (i) a clear origin, (ii) a clear termination, (iii) multiple copies
i and ii only
Which type of flowchart is depicted here?


B Attend Class
Select Classes

Purchase books

Enroll in classes End

Which of the following AIS problems would be most easily detected with a systems flowchart?
Too much responsibility in one department
Which type of flowchart depicts instructions for carrying out a task with a computer?
Which column would include "lost or stolen?"
Market Risk
changes in stock prices, investment values, interest rates. Not as controllable.
Credit Risk
customers' unwillingness or inability to pay their debts. Controllable by the company
Liquidity Risk
possibility that the company will have insufficient cash or near-cash assets to pay short-term debts. Budgets and spending plans help reduce this risk
Financial Risk
related to monetary activities
Operational Risk
people, assets, and technologies used to create value for the organization's customers
Systems Risk
related to information technology( computerized environment), the risk that IT resources will fail at a critical moment.
Human Error Risk
people int he organization might make mistakes or get involved in unethical actions. This may result as asset misappropriation or theft, divulgence of trade secrets, or other consequences.
Strategic Risks
decisions made at senior management and board of directors level
Legal & Regulatory Risk
management might break laws, resulting in penalties for the organization
Business Strategy Risk
poor decision making related to market competition
Officers' and Directors' liability
people might break laws, resulting in personal penalties
Control environment
Risk assessment
Information & communication
Existing control activities