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chp 8-10

file that is predesignated with a set format and structure


created to provide rapid documentation for the ordering of tests and referrals within SpringCharts

order templates

stored in SpringCharts by users; therefore, each user has their own set of _____.

pop-up text

___ is user-defined by can be exported from one user and imported under another user's name. It WILL override any existing _____.

pop-up text

feature that is located in the utilities menu in the practice view screen.

export pop-up text

can be edited from the file menu

pop-up text
(file-preferences-popup text)

SpringCharts template is best described as

a present pattern for letters, order forms, and office visit notes

add-on template feature for specialists


the letter templates allow the user to create form letters that will be used as

letters to patients or about patients

office visit templates are used to rapidly populate the

new office visit window

the edit popup text window allows you to

modify text

how to create a new template

select new>new template from main practice view
select appropriate type of template that you want

when you select the "get address book" in the new letter window, it accesses the addresses of all referring physicians as well as (2)

-testing facilities

provides the capability of automatically receiving lab test results directly from the lab


Specific lab companies that transmit electronic data to SpringCharts using HL7 language and protocols

reference labs

a blood test compound that is the subject to its own specific chemical analysis


lab results that are received from reference labs over a secure internet connection

imported lab data

electronic data transfer standards and protocols


the entire ICD-9 and CPT dictionaries are put of the

installed database

ordered lab test that stands for complete blood count


when a provider opens the patient's chart to conduct a physical exam, they will be ____ to any unprocessed __ ___ in the face sheet.

-medical tests

once a test is entered into the chart, it is

final and cannot be edited

additional tests __ be added to the very comprehensive set of labs, imaging, and medical tests in SpringCharts


when working with imported lab results (lab's test name differs from the name used in the pending test), springcharts___

"remembers" the synonym for subsequent test matching

a new imaging test creates

a new xray, MRI, or CT scan

the procedure categories are set up in the administrator menu. how many categories can the administrator set up


enables you to search for a diagnosis by the ICD-9 code or a brief name

edit diagnosis

ICD-9 is a term used for a

diagnosis code

when test data is received through SpringLabs, it goes into this area

Reference lab

when a lab company sends test data, the term "out of range" means

abnormal level

users who have access level of "Get Pending Tests" are notified of newly imported lab results by a

lab icon next to the user's login name

enables the clinical staff to change imperial units to metric measurements and vice versa

conversion calculator

in this feature, by selecting the LMP data, the program will extrapolate the estimated date of delivery

Pregnancy EDD calculator

allows an administrator to remove a patient from the current list but still retain access to the patient's records

patient archive

located in the productivity center, allows users to place general messages for others in the clinic to see

bulletin board

on the main menu, designated to bring the most common functions together in one place

productivity center

will replace the typical ___ ___ in the break room and will help the clinic move towards being paperless

bulletin board

allows users to send and receive faxes to and from SpringCharts Client computer


displays most recently sent faxes

the outbound fax history status

not activated by default (no setup required)

the clock time feature

the administrator's __ __ window displays the logged in and out time of all users

Time clock

lists websites intended to provide rapid access to Internet-based knowledge systems

My Websites

with the pregnancy EDD calculator, you can determine the baby's approximate

fetal age

enables the user to copy data from an internet clipboard then paste it into another program

universal export window

the SpringCharts "help" option will give the user access to

a tutorial knowledge base

created based on the list of patients identified by the search database criteria

data reports

one of the options for sending form letters to a list of selected patients from the database is

-email patients who have email addresses recorded in SCs
-print letters to the other patients

SCs users can search the entire database of patient charts for

diagnoses and procedures

with the SCs simple calculator, users can

process simple algorithms

if employees fail to login on their time clock at the appropriate time, they can

send a request to the administrator to request a time change

3 categories in the care tree where tests are stored

-medical tests

to export pop-up text, select the ____ menu in the practice view screen and choose _____ SpringCharts data


the template manager that houses all 3 template types is accessed from the practice view screen by selecting the __menu and choosing the___option


administrative activities performed in the productivity center are

-posting a message on bulletin board
-locating and importing file cabinet documents
-check inbound/outbound faxes
-create urgent messages and ToDo items
-access users present favorite websites

3 types of templates that the template manager stores

-office visits

Available TemplateWare formats

-family practice
-internal medicine
-pulmonary medicine

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