13 terms

US History Chapter 12 Vocab.

Industrial Revolution
a period of rapid growth in using machines for manufacturing and production that began in the mid-1700s.
cloth, the first important breakthrough of the Industrial Rev. took place in how they were made
the tools used to produce items or to do work
interchangeable parts
parts of a machine that are identical
Rhode Island System
Slater's strategy of hiring families and dividing factory work into simple tasks
Lowell system
It's based on water-powered textile mills that employed young, unmarried women from local farms. This included a loom that can both spin thread and weave cloth in the same mill.
Trade Unions
groups that tried to improve pay and working conditions. They were formed by skilled workers, who had low wages and were afraid of losing their jobs.
Protests that were staged by labor unions. Refusing to work until their demands are made.
Transportation Revolution
specific period of rapid growth in the speed and convenience, finding new methods of going to place to place.
the first full-sized commercial steamboat
Gibbons v. Ogden
reached the Supreme Court in 1824, the Court reinforced the deferral government's authority to regulate trade between the states by ending monopolistic control over waterways in several states.
device that could send information over wires across great distances.
Morse code
consists of different combinations of dots and dashes that represent each letter of the alphabet.