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18 terms

muscles 2

a muscle that contracts while another relaxes
opposies- creats resistance
a muscel that acts to prevent an nwattanted action duuring a movement
referred to as teh fixed end or head is the stationary part of the muscle, closer to the axial skeleton or mid section of the body
is the mobele end or the distal insertion
pennate muscles
diagonal orientation or feather like orintation
unipennate bipennate or multipennate
a type of pennate muuscle - the deltoid muscle
straight fusiform muscle
have the fasciculi prganized parallel to the long axis of the muscle also called longitudinal- biceps brachii and gastroznemuis
ogbicular muscle
also called circular- the main role is to open and close to permit light fluid - eye...
4 classifications in naming a muscle
namely shape, location, size and function
muscles ability to respond to a stimulus
muscles ability to stretch beyond its normal resting length
muscles abilit to return to its normal length after being stretched
Elasticity paralel elastic component (PEC)
responsible for resting tension in muscle provided by the muscle membranes
Serier Elastic component (SEC)
storing elastic energy so the muscle can return to its normal length
visco elasticity
muscle contains both viscous and elastic components and we refre to this as visco-elasticity
used to move the body- skeleton muscles
smooth not controlled at will- smooth muscle