Hexa- Three and Four

After we had everything where I wanted it, I finally decided to ask the question I'd been longing to ask.
"How old are you?" I asked.
"Why do you ask?"
"You just seem a little young to..um..you know, be my guardian and all..." I trailed off.
"I'm twenty-two," she said proudly although I could tell she was lying.
I saw a pile of papers on her dresser that looked a bit suspicious. I just then remembered I was going to take a shower, but I didn't want to until I had investigated that pile of papers. So I said, "You go ahead and take a shower, I'll wait."
"Okey-dokey," she agreed. She gathered some of her clothes and rushed to the bathroom.
I waited impatiently on the bed until I could hear the shower running before I cautiously walked over to that pile of suspicious looking papers. The first five weren't anything helpful, but when I got to the sixth, everything made sense; why she rescued me bravely and why she gasped when she heard my last name. It was her diploma from this year with the name 'Cuinn Meone' on it. She was my seventeen(and three-quarters) -year-old sister.
As soon as Cuinn stepped into the room, I asked quietly, "Why didn't you tell me?"
"Tell you what?" she said innocently.
"That I'm your sister!" I exclaimed. She just stood there with her mouth open.
"You're not supposed to know...how...how did you find out...?" she quietly asked. She got her answer from where I was standing, holding her diploma, next to the pile of papers on her dresser. Her mouth still was hanging open. Louder she said, "You weren't supposed to know because of our magical powers. It would be too much in one household. It would have broken Magian's Law."
She took a small breath for composure then said, "I should have told you earlier." She sighed. "Yes, I am your sister." I was shocked. I had discovered she was my sister, but getting it confirmed by her was shocking. I guess I thought it had been a lie or something, but I couldn't remember her.
She stepped towards me and enveloped me in a hug. I didn't move a muscle, still too stunned. Once I recovered a bit, I pushed her away from me.
If you really are my sister, why don't I remember you? I thought. Inside my head, I looked back through my memory, but everything before six seemed fuzzy.
"I.. I don't remember you," I said.
She sighed again. "Figures. You clung to me like a leech. When I disappeared, you must've bugged our parents all the time, asking when I was going to come home. They probably erased parts of your memory, so that you would never know you had a sister," she explained. I was speechless. My parents had lied to me since I was six.
"Honestly, our parents weren't the best parents. They feared the Government once they had you. They were afraid you would have magic. I think they even hoped you wouldn't. Most people wouldn't even take the risk of having more children who use magic than allowed in Magian's Law."
I found my words. "I think I'm just going to shower. This... This is a bit much."
I grabbed some clothes and pushed past her into the bathroom. Thinking about what Cuinn had told me and trying to process it, I took a hot shower to wash off all the gross stuff from the fire. All of this was a bit hard to take in, but I just had to let it soak in like the water in my shower.
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