16 terms

Imperfecto y pretérito

practice forming imp and pret using 16 practice verbs
I used to be dedicated to
yo me dedicaba
you (fam.s.) used to break
te rompías
you (form.s) were casting (a broken bone)
Ud. enyesaba
we would crash
he was getting better
él se recuperaba
you guys (fam.pl.sp) were getting bored
os aburrías
they got sick
ellos se enfermaron
it happened, occurred yesterday
ocurrió ayer
they didn't learn it
ellos no lo aprendieron
I made her happy
yo la alegré
you (fam.s.) returned (a person)
she sold
ella vendió
the boy sighed
el chico suspiró
the baby smiled
el bebé sonrió
we thought, believed
they didn't understand
ellos no comprendían