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practice forming imp and pret using 16 practice verbs

I used to be dedicated to

yo me dedicaba

you (fam.s.) used to break

te rompías

you (form.s) were casting (a broken bone)

Ud. enyesaba

we would crash


he was getting better

él se recuperaba

you guys ( were getting bored

os aburrías

they got sick

ellos se enfermaron

it happened, occurred yesterday

ocurrió ayer

they didn't learn it

ellos no lo aprendieron

I made her happy

yo la alegré

you (fam.s.) returned (a person)


she sold

ella vendió

the boy sighed

el chico suspiró

the baby smiled

el bebé sonrió

we thought, believed


they didn't understand

ellos no comprendían

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