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  1. un break
  2. un bouchon
  3. une carte (routiere)
  4. doubler
  5. Pour prendre l'autoroute, il faut payer un peage
  1. a a road map
  2. b To take the highway, it is necessary to pay a toll
  3. c a station wagon
  4. d a traffic jam
  5. e to pass (a car)

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  1. A motorcycle
  2. a map (of the city)
  3. if i ran a red light
  4. before turning, do not forget to put on your turn signal
  5. a sports car

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  1. une auto-ecolea driving school


  2. sur la routeon the road


  3. Il met de l'air dans les pneushe puts air in the tires


  4. une ceinture de securitea sports car


  5. le pare-briseto learn