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Kinn's common disease caused by viruses chater 55


transmission / direct contact; fomites
symptoms / vessicles on entire body, including soles and palms
prevention / Eradicated (vaccine is still available)

Infectious Mononucleosis

Transmission / direct and airborne
symptoms / sore throat, fever, malaise, lymph gland involvement; hepatitis, enlarged spleen.
prevention / avoid direct contact with known cases


transmission / Droplet and fomites
symptoms / Fever, body aches, cough
prevention / immunization for the old, young, and debilitated

Warts (verruca)

transmission / Direct and indirect contact
symptoms / circumcised outgrowths on skin, most common on hands and feet.
prevention / none


transmission / Contact with saliva of infected animal.
symptoms / Fever uncontrollable excitement, spasms of the throat, profuse salivation
prevention / vaccine available; vaccinate pets


transmission / Direct contact
symptoms / pain, swelling of salivary glands, fever
prevention / MMR vaccine


transmission / direct contact o droplets
symptoms / Fever nasal discharge, red eyes, kopliks spots, rash
prevention / MMR vaccine

Rubella (german measles)

transmission / Direct contact, droplets, congnital
symptoms / Rash swollen lymph glands, causes sever birth defects
prevention / MMR vaccine

Common cold

transmission / Direct; droplets, fomites
symptoms / headache, fever, runny nose, congestion
prevention / good hygeine hand washing


transmission / direct contact; carriers enter via mouth
symptoms / headache, fever, stiff neck and back, paralysis of muscles
prevention / IPV; SC or IM four doses

Molluscum cantagiosum warts

transmission / Direct contact with infected individual
symptoms / small pink or white domes found in clusters
prevention / Avoid contact with infected individual, have existing warts removed.

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