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Skills and knowledge that can be applied to accomplishing work tasks
Personal traits or characteristics
Job Position Announcement
What you should read to understand an employer's needs
Tell a Story
Your resume should do this to ensure you are adding value to a potential company
Displaying Everything on a resume
This approach often ends up sending a scattered message and diluting a central sales theme about your key abilities and attributes
Name Block
This section of the resume allows recruiters to easily find your contact information; does not contain distracting information.
Career Summary/Objective
This section expresses your career goals or your interest in a specific position or line of work.
Education Section
This section lists a summary of your experience in higher education. For High School give the date you will graduate, the type of diploma you willl be receiving, the schools name and a few courses you have taken
Work Experience
This section of the resume lists your work experience, accomplishments and responsibilities from prior jobs.
Additional Information
This section of the resume lists a variety of other information to accentuate your key abilities and attributes.
Tone, Style and Design
Employers often skim your resume; ensuring these are part of the communication process in developing your resume will increase your chances of being considered for a position.
Action Verbs
These types of words make your key abilities and attributes jump off the page.
Accomplishments should be described in this manner whenever possible
Irrelevant Details
Politics, religion, or other objectionable information found on resumes (unless it specifically helps develop a narrative of you)
Clichés, Buzzwords, Jargon
Dream job, Record of Success, or other types of communication that embellish your record but fail to highlight any meaningful abilities or attributes
Errors in grammar/writing
Many recruiters (76%) will discard your resume if they find these
Design Layout
This is the last step in creating a resume
Chronological Resume
A resume that lists information grouped by work over a period of time
Functional Resume
A resume that presents information in terms of key skills
Your contact information
Name, address, phone, e-mail
Job objective
What are you looking for. Keep it to 1 short sentence.
Skills and abilities
list anything that would be helpful such as workshops, trade shows, seminars, self study courses, fund raisers
Extra curricular activities
These show leadership capabilities, team spirit and interest and good citizenship
These should be from people that can talk about your skills. The phrase "References upon request," is often used.