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  1. (sclerenchyma) fibers
  2. xylem
  3. cork cells
  4. epidermis
  5. Herboceous(nonwoody)
  1. a dead at maturity reduse water loss prevent disease
  2. b issue conducts water and dissolved minerals
  3. c waxy cuticle reduces water loss
  4. d areial parts die back (stem leaves)
  5. e long tapered cells in paches or clumps, wood inner bark

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  1. open and close stomatal pore for gas exchange
  2. areal parts do not die back
  3. protective covering helps reduce water loss
  4. extends throughout plant body, conducting water, dissolving minerals, and sugar strength and support
  5. parenchyma, collenchyma, and sclerenchyma tissues

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  1. (sclerenchyma) scleridsvariable shape common in sheels of nuts and stones of fruit (cherries and peaches)


  2. Buds areprovides covering for the plant


  3. trichomeswaxy cuticle reduces water loss


  4. secondayr growthincrease in stem or root girth (thickness)


  5. Organscomposed of all 3 systems and form interconnected network throughout the plant