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  1. vascular cambium
  2. cork cells
  3. epidermis
  4. woody growth
  5. Annuals
  1. a soft shoots and roots
  2. b dead at maturity reduse water loss prevent disease
  3. c add more cells to wood
  4. d waxy cuticle reduces water loss
  5. e herbaceous plants grwo reproduce and die in one year, corn geranium, and marigold

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  1. outgrowth (hair) absorbs secrets excretes protects and reduces water loss
  2. long tapered cells in paches or clumps, wood inner bark
  3. (most of the body) photosynthesis storage and support
  4. composed of all 3 systems and form interconnected network throughout the plant
  5. herbaceous plants take 2 years to complete life cycle, carrots cabbage

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  1. vascularextends throughout plant body, conducting water, dissolving minerals, and sugar strength and support


  2. ground tissue system contains 3 tissuescomposed of .......... cells, dead at maturity provide structural support


  3. (sclerenchyma) scleridsvariable shape common in sheels of nuts and stones of fruit (cherries and peaches)


  4. phloemtissue conducts sugar in solution


  5. guard cellsdead at maturity reduse water loss prevent disease


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