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  1. Periderm
  2. trichomes
  3. dermal
  4. (sclerenchyma) sclerids
  5. vascular cambium
  1. a provides covering for the plant
  2. b variable shape common in sheels of nuts and stones of fruit (cherries and peaches)
  3. c add more cells to wood
  4. d covers woody parts of the plant body
  5. e outgrowth (hair) absorbs secrets excretes protects and reduces water loss

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  1. waxy cuticle reduces water loss
  2. live for 100s or even 1000 of years
  3. dead at maturity reduse water loss prevent disease
  4. open and close stomatal pore for gas exchange
  5. parenchyma, collenchyma, and sclerenchyma tissues

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  1. woody growthsoft shoots and roots


  2. Biennualsherbaceous plants grwo reproduce and die in one year, corn geranium, and marigold


  3. Buds areundeveloped embryonic shoots


  4. primary growthsoft shoots and roots


  5. Ground(most of the body) photosynthesis storage and support