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  1. epidermis
  2. secondayr growth
  3. trichomes
  4. sclerenchyma tissue
  5. Organs
  1. a increase in stem or root girth (thickness)
  2. b composed of all 3 systems and form interconnected network throughout the plant
  3. c waxy cuticle reduces water loss
  4. d composed of .......... cells, dead at maturity provide structural support
  5. e outgrowth (hair) absorbs secrets excretes protects and reduces water loss

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  1. tissue conducts sugar in solution
  2. extends throughout plant body, conducting water, dissolving minerals, and sugar strength and support
  3. undeveloped embryonic shoots
  4. dead at maturity reduse water loss prevent disease
  5. open and close stomatal pore for gas exchange

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  1. dermalprovides covering for the plant


  2. primary growthsoft shoots and roots


  3. Apical Meristems locatedcomposed of .......... cells, dead at maturity provide structural support


  4. unspecialized living cellsprotective covering helps reduce water loss


  5. perennialsherbaceous plants take 2 years to complete life cycle, carrots cabbage