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  1. el suicidio
  2. juzgar
  3. Ser tetrapléjico
  4. el sacerdote-el cura
  5. un rato-un ratito
  1. a a little while
  2. b be quadriplegic
  3. c to judge
  4. d suicide
  5. e the priest

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  1. heart attack
  2. to sue-the suit
  3. to hold on (to smthing, smone)
  4. what a pig you are
  5. claim, demand, to appeal

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  1. El bufete (de abogados)-la oficina, el despacho de abogadosto sue-the suit


  2. dignamente-con dignidadto sue-the suit


  3. ¡(No) aprieta!No pressure


  4. tener derecho ato have the right to


  5. la eutanasiareject, turn down, repel, drive back