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  1. rechazar
  2. demandar-la demanda
  3. ¡Me marcho!
  4. La resaca (del mar)
  5. un rato-un ratito
  1. a I´m leaving
  2. b reject, turn down, repel, drive back
  3. c the undertow
  4. d to sue-the suit
  5. e a little while

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  1. to carress, a carress
  2. lawyer´s office
  3. euthanasia
  4. drag, puff of a cigarette
  5. to be a member (of the DMD, right to die with dignity)

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  1. ¡(No) aprieta!No pressure


  2. fabricarto get up early


  3. la quimera-la utopiaeuthanasia


  4. el suicidiocyanide


  5. el presentimientoto be serene


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