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  1. el presentimiento
  2. el suicidio
  3. tener derecho a
  4. agarrarse (a algo, alguien)
  5. juzgar
  1. a to hold on (to smthing, smone)
  2. b to have the right to
  3. c premonition
  4. d to judge
  5. e suicide

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  1. to be a sweetheart
  2. reject, turn down, repel, drive back
  3. to sue-the suit
  4. to manufacture, make
  5. to advise-advice

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  1. el juicio-el juezthe judge


  2. dignamente-con dignidadto sue-the suit


  3. ¡Qué marrano eres!I´m leaving


  4. traicionar a alguien-la traiciónto carress, a carress


  5. pillar un resfriadoto catch a cold